Tuesday, 10 March 2015

By: Team PenTastic
Amidst the grand extravaganza of fun in the annual techno-cultural fest of CET’s Xtasy 2k15 one of the hot buttons was the Odisha Debating Championship. This idea was initiated by the role model debator, the best of them all, Mr. Saurav Mishra who is also the founder of the debating society of CET. More than 10 groups from different colleges and universities participated to vent their views and motion on the burning issues like “gay activism is the new black movement”, is our education system faulty” and many more serious topics which are the reason for the plight of today’s common man.
The first day of the competition was the conventional format where the topic for each team was decided by picking up lots. There were 3 members in a group in which one had to go for, against and the last member had to sum up. There were 4 groups from SOA law university, two from KIIT university and also a couple of teams from NLU and from Utkal university as well. The judges’ panel was blessed with the presence of a retired OAS officer, HOD of humanities dept. IIIT and our very own Shreemanta Tripathy sir. The team’s serial no. was decided by picking up lots by the judges. It was an intense debating experience from all of them on serious socio-political issues. The team from utkal university won the 1st prize and the runners up, the trio Vinnata Rout ,Diptimaya Sarangi , Neha Jagannath who missed the 1st position by just one mark. The 2nd runners up were also from CET led by Vignesh Sai and the judge’s choice award went to the 1st year group Yogesh Kumar, Asutosh Hota and Pooja Aladu. The organisers also provided the teams with food and beverage, special dum biriyani!

On 28th we saw a different format for the 2ndround. In this format a caricature or a cartoon sketch was shown on the projector, each team would get just two minutes to read between the lines and only one of their speaker will convey the message hidden in the sketch. This round was dedicated to the famous common man’s cartoonist Late.R.K Narayan with his creative mind revealed the trauma of the common man. We were really lucky to have Mr. Pratyutpanna alumnus of CET and now the CEO of milk mantra, as the esteemed judge. It was an intense battle for supremacy by the teams to be the Odisha Debate Champion. After a breathtaking two hours it was the results time and this time the amazing trio had made it to be the champions of the day after a mesmerising vent of views by Ms. Neha Jagannath. It was an amazing moment for the other CET team to be the runner’s up.  After amazing two days session it was time to give a vote of thanks to the organiser and the title sponsors, RESONANCE institute who were the backbone to organise such a beautiful event for young and budding debators.

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