Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The NSS of our CET

By Pooja Pattnaik and Anshuman Ray
The resilient force that connects the students of CET to their ‘humane’ side. Through their various events, camps, drives and numerous donation they have garnered a lot of faith and have contributed to the goodwill of the society. We introduce you to the NSS wing (National Service Scheme)  of CET, Bhubaneswar!
As we took a short interview of the Secretary- Mr. Shakti Sahani and Asst. Secretary Mr. Abhishek Khemka, and Student Coordinator-Mr.Rudrakhya Badu,we came to know how the NSS works in our college! NSS is a national organization that works for the betterment of the society and the needy and it has started in CET since a few years.
                                               Interviewing the NSS Members
NSS has organized a lot of events in our college , most of which are charitable ones such as visits to orphanages like Pratibha ashram, Adruti Children Home, Orphanage of Dalua, etc. where variety of  items of need are donated. Volunteers pay a visit to these places often and interact with the young ones. Blood Donation camps and Relief camps  are also organized in interval of time. The NSS Coordinators are Dr. H.K.Dash, and Program Officers are Mr. Biswajit Samantary, Mr. Chandan Patnaik, Mr. Sudhanshu Sekhar Behera, Mr. Sushant Kumar Sahoo.
                                                              Visiting the wonderful kids

The Marathon and Community Cleaning were also  coordinated by NSS and a lot of students of CET had participated. Competitions such as Poster- Making, Oratory Contest ,etc. have been orchestrated by it. The  winners were awarded and given certificates.
                                                               Various campaigns
                                Blood Donation will cost you nothing but save one life!
The NSS gets funding from college funds as well as contributions by students. While interacting with  Mr. Abhishek Khemka, we came to know that they require a lot more volunteers  for assisting them in the various virtuous works.
Presently in the upcoming Xtasy 2k15, the exciting cultural fest of CET,  NSS is conducting a few interesting events and competitions and we expect a very active participation in those as the profit gained from the events and stalls will be donated as part of charity. As said by Oscar Wilde, “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention”. So All the people are welcomed to take part as well as volunteer in the upcoming events of NSS titled “SAMARATIANS”!! Registrations are open in the canteen.

SAMARATIAN'S "Uniting Self And Service- the Samaritan way", Charity fest of CET, Bhubaneswar organised by NSS CET, under XTASY 2K15. For further details:-

FUNZONE:- The most enthralling section in the fun and play contests, where anyone can participate in the events by paying certain entry fees and enjoy! The amount earned from the event will be donated to the charity, so this time... why not play for a cause!!! For Details:-https://www.facebook.com/events/1601443166759341/

CRAFTMAKERS:- We invite all the talented craftmakers , artists, and painters to design beautiful handicrafts, terracotta items, posters, glass paintings, paper quilling works, greeting cards, soft toys, as well as your own innovative creations!! You can submit the crafts  in the NSS room (A-409). For further details:-
Contact the NSS members at :-http://facebook.com/nsscetb
Student Coordinators:-
Shakti Sahani: 9132990303
Abhishek Khemka: 8270862265
Rudrakhya Badu: 8260490404

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