Thursday, 19 February 2015

Perception 2K15

By: Jessica Mohapatra
The Wait is over .....Now for the first time we welcome Perception 2K15, the management ,technical and Literary fest.This  Extravaganza kick-starts on 21st February 2015 and will continue till 23rd February 2015.There are a wide variety of events that will definitely make you want more..So let us welcome the child,Perception 2k15  with open arms.

Perception is the annual Techno-Literary-Management Fest of College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar! Perception was created with a virtuous intent of uniting brilliant minds across various institutions and it has met its expectations since the recent years. It has been a miscellany of contests, of ideas, creativity and numerous abilities while knitting these together with the threads of fun and enjoyment. Perception 2k15 comes up with the promise of being even better, with more challenges and more fun.It'll consist of a blend of various categories of events ranging from technical events as Robotics, Literary and Oratory events, Management Games and what not. Adding to that it will also have talks by exceptional speakers from across the country and exciting workshops as well. Some come and enjoy this exquisite festival of vivid competitions and guaranteed frolic.

The various events are:


1.Karobaar:The objective of this game is to give them a glimpse of MBA education and also to help them in making the right decision in future. Karobaar consists of following modules:- Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR. The Karobaar challenge is to simplify MBA jargon so that it is understandable by under-graduate students.

2.The Idea Challenge : It is a B-Plan competition.

3.Biz quiz:It is a Business quiz competition.



4.Wartalaap:It has loads of Logical Arguments , Debates and face-offs on various issues some current and some not so current.

5.Twist in the Tale:It is a writing event in which you will have to twist the topics provided in a fun way.

6.I Kavi: You  put in your flowing thoughts (your own poetry) and recite it before the panel. 

7.Qurious:You will be assaulted with every type of question under the sun and the moon...so get ready for some serious quizzing.

8.Wordsworth:It explores your word skills with various crosswords,jumbled words testing your vocabulary.

9.AD-Mad:It checks your advertising prowess in a fun sort of a way.

10.Beg- Borrow- Steal: It is a fun event in  which a  list of peculiar, bizarre items will be provided to you and you need to Beg, Borrow and Steal (Yes!! Stealing is Legal here too..) to get your hands upon those "precious" items in minimum possible time.

11.Dress my book:Here you get to design your own book cover and get to write it's synopsis at the back of the cover....the original one wins.

12.Broad Cast:It is a news reporting event where you need to use your 'reporting' skills .


Zairza (Software)

13.Code Busters:It will enable you to test your programming logic and base in coding.

14.Q Technologico:It will test your Latest Tech knowledge and IT Knowledge.

15.Mind Canvas:Unleash your creativity by using the most powerful tool Photoshop

16.Hackathon:It is a marathon that checks your hacking prowess.

17.Bhool Bhulaiya:It is a cryptographic hunt event.

18.Web Weavers:This competition features the creation of high-quality, well-designed and original Web sites, while seeking to identify and encourage future talent in this area.

19.Dig the Web:It is a software event where you will have to solve tricky codes and find the way out!!

Zairza (Robotics)

20.Rescue Rangers:The Bot that you make has to pass through various surfaces in a given areana.

21.On Stranger Tides:Build a manual amphibian bot capable of surviving on land and water as well as complete the task provided.

22.Robomanch:It is a maze competition where the bot follows the black and white lines.

23.H2GO:Design a single stage water rocket using a plastic container

24.The Know it all:Technical paper presentation event.

25.Acceleration:It is a perfect platform to test your automobile knowledge.

26.CAD Competition: The perfect solid designing competition.

27.Junkyard Wars:This event is all about searching for the ultimate hands on team with great design minds who can churn out anything from heaps of scrap

28.Dirt Racing:If you like NFS and have always fantasized that your own car runs on gruelling ,dusty tracks this is it...

Energy  Club

29.Circuitrix: Get ready to solve Electrical circuits with the components provided.

30.Electrivia:It is a quiz that will surely electrify you with it's contents.

31.Electroart: Creativity event that will allow you to see Technology differently.Designing various electrical object by using recycled components.

32.Minimise:It has Technical crosswords....if you are a techno-freak this is definitely the place for you.

33.Technobate:Technical Debate about On-Spot Topic.

34.De-piction:It is a poster making competition based on Energy Related issues.


35.Biobuzz:It  is a quizzing event testing your Biological know-how.

36.ElCartel:Sustainable Energy sources and BT crops or anything related to environment paint away your imagination in this poster making competition.

37.Pick-a-Bone:This is a event where you choose a topic of your choice and make your stand known.

38.Tech-Papyrus:It is a paper presentation that deals with various problems plaguing the world of Biotechnology and it's solutions.

39.Model Presentation:Bring out your sustainable model and change the world we are living in.

40.Bio-Gardening: Cet goes green....the only gardening event.


41.Cetronics Reloaded:It is a Technological Electronics related quiz competition.

42.FET: Find Electronics Treasure gives you riddles which you have to decipher and hunt for the precious Electronics items.

43.TechnoMonk:It is a public speaking event that will help you brandish your Electronic Skills.


44.Python workshops by Bhubaneswar Pythonists.

45.Track the Hack workshops.

46.Quadcopter wokshops.

47.Car Autopsy workshop.

48. .Net workshop.

49.Mech Heaven workshop(Catia)


50.NFS most wanted

51Age of  Empires 3

52.Counter Strike

53.Fifa 14

3 days and so many activities....definitely we will have a power -packed Perception this time come be a part of all the fun and help us make the first time conceived perception one grand event.
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Do be a part of this  FUN!!!!

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