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Perception 2K15: Day 1

By: Nimisha Acharya


By Pooja Pattnaik And Nimisha Acharya

Finally the long wait is over...here comes "Perception 2k15";settling on the brink of the end of February n gaining its separate identity beyond the hectic schedule of "Xtasy", Perception-the annual techno-literary-management fest kicked off right at 10am on 21st february..


By:- Sourav Soumyajit Mohanty, I&E, 2nd yr

The inauguration of the most awaited n eagerly expected techno-fest comes into the picture sharp at 11am in the orientation hall.The ceremony begins on a high as our honourable Chief Guest Mr. Shashikant Mohanty enlighted the flames followed by the enticing anchoring by Mr.Arghya Pattnaik and Ms.Little Jena.we also had Mr.P.K Patra,the Principal of CET,Mr.P.K.Satpathy,PIC,Student Union & Mr,.Sreemant Tripathy and Shashikant Mohanty,Senior Executive, sponsor for Oracle n Microsoft Business in India.,on the guest list.


Agent:- Saswati Dash, 1st yr, BT

A perceptive event organised by the biotech community BIOZO of CET. The event was cooridinated by Convener Mr Anil ku Samal, organisation sectretary Suman Tripathy, Student Co-oridinator Saurav Mishra and Balram Mishra. The event had two rounds,student selected in written appeared for the real quiz.,which had six groups in all with two members in each. The winning teams are:

1st position:- Ritisna Mall and Sai Jignasa Roy
2nd position: Aishwarya Subhalaxmi and Priyadarshini Sahoo
3rd position: B K Smruti and Ritarani Pradhan.


Agent:Shreemarani Sahoo, Biotechnology, 1st yr

"We are electrical items and when we die the electricity goes somewhere else when we die our energy goes into the galaxy......."

The event was organised by Electrical branch on 21st Feb on the occasion of Perception 2k15. It was an electrical circuit making competition which was held under the coordination of Mr. Manaskanta Mishra and Mr. Dibya Sundar Ratha. It consisted of two rounds: the first round which had 70 groups,with 2 members each. The best 6 groups were qualified for the 2nd round. In Round 2 they had to make the real circuits. The results of the event shall be announced later.


Agent: Srutee Rout, Biotechnology,1st year

Karobaar is the flagship business management event at Perception 2k15 , the annual techno -literary management fest at Cet -B . It is a cross - functional business management game . This management intends to bring students from various fields with business mind.

The co-ordinators of the event are Miss Ananya Rath, Miss Ashiya Bhuyan , Mr Aditya Vikram Khemani , Miss Shriya Mishra and Miss Shrusti Mohanty . The event covers up 4 modules which are Operations,Finance,HR and Marketing.The first two modules were organised today and the remaining two will be held tomorrow.The results of the event shall be announced after the completion of all the four modules. So lets wait for the Finale!!!.


Challenge to test one’s knowledge of gadgets and technology from the length and breadth of Electronics.Technologies ranging from day to day life to futuristic ones to prove mettle... !

It was coordinated by Ankit Mishra and Bikram Keshari Panda. A number of students participated and there were two rounds.

The winners are:- 
1st:- Suraj Kumar Rout and Anurag Kar
2nd:-Sayed Afif and Anshuman Panda
3rd:- Subhal Pal and Sohan Sarangi


By:- Pooja Pattnaik

A competition organized by the GDG(Google Developers Group) to design different apps based on various topics provided. The participants were divided into team of three and given there problem to solve by designing an app.

The GDG Representative for the competition was Mr. Subashis Pattnaik. The coordinators who had put a lot of effort were Mr. Tarashish Mishra and Mr. Prayash Mohapatra.

The winning teams were:- 
1st:- Saisankar, Arpita, Lala Atasi, Suvam
2nd:- Rohit, Sriparna, Biswa Ranjan, Afrin naaz
3rd:- Atul dash(ITER), Ankita Behura(ITER), Ramakrushna(CET)


By:-Pooja Pattnaik

A workshop organized by Microsoft whose coordinator was Mr.Tworit Das. The Guest Speakers were Mr. Suraj Sahoo, Mr. Tadit Dash and Mr. Nirmal Hota who spoke on various important topics such as creation of web pages, Asp.net web, building mobile apps, etc. The key note was given by Ms. Bhabana Sahu.


By:- Pooja Pattnaik

The battle of the most talented speakers is Wartalaap! The contest for testing the oratory skills of the students. About 40 students had participated and 14 got selected for the Finals. The competition consisted of 2 rounds, first the Group Discussion Round. The topics for the prelims were:-
1.Does AAP’s victory put a stop on Modi’s winning spree?

2.Love is not a feeling, it’s a business.

3.Smart phones are making peple dumb.

4.Are reality shows really real?

And Final round was pictorial round wherein caricatures like amul cartoons or google doodles shall be shown to each participant and the participant has to speak on his/her doodle or cartoon for a maximum of 3 minutes. The event was coordinated by Mr Saurav Mishra,Ms Apurva Mishra, Ms Tejasvittaa, and Mr. Anirban Pati.

The winners were:-
1.Neha Jagannath
2.Mir Abdullah
3.Jessica Mohapatra

The special mentions included Arghya Pattnaik, Ayushi Nayak and Shuvjit Behera(KIIT).


By:- Nimisha Acharya

This was an interesting event which was all about brand awareness, presentation skills and quirky one-liners. The first round was a quiz about various ads,print and TV commercials. The final round was divided into 4 rounds which included slogan phrasing, quiz, product presentation and enactment round. The event was organized by Cetadel, the literary club of CET, coordinated by Mr.Diptimaya Sarangi, Ms Vinnata Rout and Ms Twinkle Sahu, and special thanks to Sradha Suman Mahapatra, Swaraj Debta, Pallavi Reddy and Mausumi Das for their tireless efforts into making this a grand success. It was powered by Telegraph. The winners received cash prizes of Rs 3000, Rs 2000 and Rs 1000 each

The winners are:-
1.Biswa Ranjan Mishra,Sahil Ahmed and Shubam Kumar Sahu
2.Anubhav Routray and Monika Sharma
3.Sayed Afif and Anshuman Panda

Not to forget, the special mention goes to Sai Srimoy Shukla, Kaushik Goel and Akankshya Mishra

By:- Sourav Soumyajit Mohanty, I&E, 2nd yr

The event began sharp at 3 pm ,coordinated by Mr.Bidit Mohanty,Mr.Anirban Pati Mr.Sohann Sarangi. The event saw some brilliant quizzite digging it hard to strive for excellence, as 17 teams went on a clash among each other. The questions were mind boggling and the event was successfully organized. A phenomenal quizzing event wandering from Aston Martin to Lambhorghini,Tata to Ola Cabs in which Bidit Mohanty & Anurag Kar ,CET came out to be d winners eventually followed by Saptarshi Das & Avinash Dhar,from KIIT University and Baibaswata Jena & Suvam Pal (cet) as 1st n 2nd runners up respectively. The event was a grand success

Thus concluded the 1st day of Perception 2K15. It’s just the beginning of the awesomeness that is about to follow in the next 2 days, so stay tuned to CET Rising for all the details!!

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