Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Perception-2k15: 3rd and Final Day

By: Anshuman Ray
(By- Aayushi Jajodia, and Anshuman Ray)
(Agents: Chinmay Priyadarshi, Yogesh Kumar, Vaishnavi Anand, Ashutosh Dixit. Spl Mention: Pooja Pattnaik, Jeevan Swain, Dibyasha Mohanty)

The super- successful, Super- entertaining, super- Awesome Techno- Cult- Management fest, Perception 2K15 finally concluded today, and yes, it did so, with a BANG!
Excerpts from the day:

by Anshuman Ray

Co-ordinators: Amlan Patnaik, Aishwariya Kar, Ashutosh Mishra, Santa Nibedita.

“An idea can change the world”. Indeed it can. With this event, floodgates of ideas were opened. Discussed. Countered. and won. The business plans of all the participants were mentored by the coordinators and after all presentation and deliberation, here are the winners:
1. Basket of love
Team members - Piyush Jena and Risha Agarwal
2. GoSalonOnline - Rudrashish Pradhan, Disha Tripathy, Sidharth Swaroop (Team from KIIT)

The winners got exciting Coupons and interview calls for internships. Way to go people.

Agent - Yogesh Kumar
Co-ordinators - Siddhant Mishra, Viswa Ranjan Pati

This event can easily be said the flagship event of Mechanical Engineering department.The real machine inside everyone was tested to maximum.In the prelims MCQsal engineering and physical sciences.In the finals ,selected were given on basics of mechanic students were given scrap materials to construct workable products
The winners were :-
1st prize:-Amiya Kumar
2nd Prize:-Rakesh Kumar Nanda
3rd Prize:-Sohan  Sadangi and Pallavi Nanda

Web Weavers
Agent - Vaishnavi Anand
Coordinators - Ranjan Mohapatra, Harish Agarwal

 In the final round of Web Weavers, the participants were asked to make a static web pages. The winners for the event are
1. Prayash Mohapatra
2. Deepan Tripathy
3. Bhupendra Pandey
The winners were given exciting cash!!

Twist In The Tale
Agent - Vaishnavi Anand

Co-ordinators - Sradha Suman Mohapatra and Tanuja Pattnaik
After a lot of climaxes, turns and twists, here are the winners :
1. Sidharth Samal
2. Aparna Tripathy
3.Vinnata Rout and Soumya Mukherjee
Special Mention - Jessica Mohapatra and Pratikshya Satpathy

By Anshuman Ray

Coordinators - Ippili Sabrish, Harish Agarwal, Nilamadhaba Mohapatra
The prelims and finals of codebusters tested the the coding and the debugging skills of the students. The event saw a huge turnout.
The winners are :
1. Sai Srimoy Sukla and Sourabh Swain
2. Anwesh Mohanty
3. Shohra Afaque and Romeo Ranjan Jena

By- Anshuman Ray

Coordinators - The Zairza Club
The place where the remote controlled bots did all the talking. The event started with a lot of anticipation. The winners are:
1.Trial and Error - Nitish Jha and Mohammed Imran
2.Robo SV GIFT - Sidharth Shankar Nayak and Vedaprakash Patra(students from GIFT)

H2GO Water Rocket Competition:
By- Dibyasha Mohanty
To recall all the laws of motion that you have learnt all these years and unleash that knowledge through a fleet-footed water rocket. The H2GO Water Rocket competition was an out-of-the box event that involved six teams from CET, VSSUT Burla and CV Raman College in a cut throat prize-fight of brain, brawn and precision. It took place in two rounds-the first round took into account the maximum distance covered by the rocket within the demarcated boundary, and the second gauged the control over the rocket while hitting the preset target. Among the several water rockets that pierced through the winds, the ones that carried the day were-
1st prize: TEAM CV RAMAN- INTERSTELLAR (WINNER of cash prize of Rs.3000)
2nd prize: TEAM CV RAMAN- AGNI6 (Cash prize of Rs. 2000)
Kudos to the coordinators: Viswa Ranjan Pati, Dibyasha Mohanty, Manish Behera, Baisakhi Behera

Find The Electronics Treasure:
By- Ashutosh Dxit

This was an interesting as well as knowledgeable event. It was all about
the electronics, gadgets, and electronics companies. The turnout was more than expected. The first round consisted of solving a paper containing ciphers, as well as crosswords, and the mains consisted of actual hunting down of clues to find the treasure.
The winners of this event are:
1st Prize: .Abhilash nayak and Kishore Ranjan Nayak
2nd Prize: Aditiya  v. Kebmani and Ashiya Bhuiya
3rd Prize:  Anurag kar
The co-ordinator, Mr. Vikram Keshri Panda did a great job as well!

El- Cartel:
By- Chinmay Priyadarshi
El Cartel, a highly innovative poster making competition of the new and highly appraised events of Perception 2k15. The poster to be made was based on themes "Emerging Trends In the Field of Biotechnology" and "Life Sciences" & the participants had to project their vision on the canvas. Being organised by Biozo, under the department of Biotechnology, it saw a great turn over of participants. The event was organised & coordinated by Smita Kanhar, Bichitra Singh, Rohit Sharma, Anil Kumar and Jagatjeet Mohanty.
With neck to neck competition within the participants, the debut event was a great success and precisely organised.
The winners of the event are:
1. Shivraj Sahu & BIraja Nandan from OUAT
2. Saswati Parida & Kiran Rath from CET
Also, Sheetal Pattnaik & Divyajyoti Biswal (from CET) earned much praise for their distinct performance.

Dig the Web

By- Chinmay Priyadarshi
Venue : C- 202
Time : 3 PM - 4.30 PM
The internet as a source of information & a research tool is invaluable to all engineering students, as it answers almost all of our questions. Or does it? The event DIG THE WEB tested the ability of students to "dig" through the depths of internet for answers of the most ridiculously tough questions. From questions spanning from calculating the most complex of mathematical expressions to deciphering befuddling puzzles and to identifying the weirdest of items in the universe, the event was quite a challenging race against time.
The event was organised and coordinated by Shubhakanta Udgata, Shohra Afaque, Avinash Nahak and Divya Garg.
The event witnessed a high turnout and among those, the teams who emerged as winners are:
1st Prize: Team AN : Nimish Mishra & Amit Mahapatra
2nd Prize: Team DEXTER : Sai Shankar Gochhayat & Rishav Agarwal
3rd Prize: Team FAUX : Ajita Gupta & Shreya Kumari

Wordsworth (Finals)
By- Chinmay Priyadarshi
Venue : C- 202
Time : 3 PM - 4.30 PM

The grand finale of the literary event WORDSWORTH was one of the most awaited events of the day. After a grueling preliminary round, which eliminated more than 50 teams, only a handful of 7 teams made it into the finals. The final round, ranging from tricky hangman-like word games to correctly identifying and spelling complex words from audio clips, further put the vocabulary & listening skills of the competing teams to the test.
The event was organised by Pratikshya Satpathy, Jessica Mohapatra & Pratikshya Das and well coordinated by Apurva Mishra & Swagatika Swain.
Though the finals were highly challenging, the teams performed exceptionally well. Teams which emerged as the winners of the event are :-
1st Prize: Vivek Vikas Pattanaik & Baibaswata Jena
2nd Prize: Nimisha Acharya & Siddhant Sourav
3rd Prize: Ashutosh Panda & Roshan Suryakanta Mohanty

Exemplar Exposito:
By- Arshi Naaz
Water hyacinth: THE TERROR OF BENGAL-Its uses........sounds weird.....doesn't it???Yes that's what the future biotechnologists were trying to do.As the name suggests the participants were seen striving to be the EXPOSITORS of their exemplars.This event was organised by BIOZO.The co-ordinators were Jagatjeet Mohanty and Suman Tripathy.The efforts of the expounders to bring out the theme "Emerging trends in Biotechnolgy/Biology/Environmental Science/Ecology/Biomedical Instrumentation" was well appreciated by the judges.
The results are:
1st Prize: Arshi Naaz, Srutee Rout
2nd Prize: Balaram Mishra
3rd Prize: Saswati Dash, Shreemarani Sahoo

By- Pooja Pattnaik

An event to exclusively unleash the poet in you, iKavi aimed at bringing together the best of the poetic talents in the college and from other colleges, together. The event had two rounds. The first round consisted of recital of one’s original composition. And, the 2nd round consisted of an on-spot composition of a poetry on the given topic. A total of ten people were selected. All, the participants received Dairy Milk Chocolate as a bonus.
The event was judged
 by Srimant Sir and Professor B.P. Dash.
The co-ordinators for the event were Swayam Siddha Mishra, Willy Das, and, Vivek Vikas Pattanaik.
The winners are :
1. Soumya Tripathy
2. Ayushi Nayak 
3. Samidha Ratho
Consolation Prizes were given to Revant Raj and Swato Soma Parida.

Beg Borrow Steal
By- Aayushi Jajodia

The most innovative, and certainly the most aptly titled event of the fest, Beg Borrow Steal received a staggering participation of more than 600 students!. It had the highest number of students participating. The rules were simple. There were no rules. The participating team could Beg, Borrow. Or even steal for the rival team, in order to be the fastest team to collect all the things mentioned in the list.
The co-ordinators for the event were Jessica Mohapatra, Pratikshya Satpathy, and Renny Hiranmayee Dash. The event was a tremendous success, probably even the best event in the whole fest.
The winning team was Sagarika Kanhar, Namrata Aslesha Soren, and, Aparajita Dash.
The runners-up were Aditya Bikram Khemani, Divya Garg, and, Ashiya Bhuiya.

By- Ashutosh Dixit
VENUE- B-407
coordinater- sanket sourav

 All you needed to know about CATIA course, was provided here. Bbasically, an event for the Mechanical Engineering students, the participants here learnt about the designing of cars.

By- Jeevan Swain

Organised by Dibya Sunder Rath, and Parabinda Samal, Circuitrix was all about circuits, obviously, as apparent from the name itself. The prelims which had commenced a day ago, gave us the top-most circuit designers, who the competed against each other in the final round. The winnwers were, 
1st Prize: Priyanka Pattnaik, Sunita Panigrahi
2nd Prize: Suraj Kumar Rout, Sabyasachi Mishra
3rd Prize: Jeevan Jyoti Swain, Shubham Kumar Sahu


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