Friday, 20 February 2015

Hostel Freshers/ Croeso 2k15

By: Aayushi Jajodia

{By- Nimisha Acharya And Aayushi Jajodia}

The Shangri-la dance group with Nikita Rout
What better way to welcome our beloved juniors into the beginning of their college lives than throwing them a grand freshers party!? After about six long months of them entering  into the college, the hostelites of the Kalpana Chawla Hall of Residence, finally received the much-awaited welcome bash last evening, i.e,  on the 18th of February. About one week of preparation and hardwork was put in by the seniors who wished to leave no stone unturned in making this event a huge success. A bunch of fun-events and interactive sessions were organised by the 2nd year students, a week prior to the main event. The events included product advertisement, mehndi competition, rangoli making competition, face-painting, and, singing and dancing competitions. The winners of these events were commemorated on the final day of the event.

Our Beloved Biswajit Sir!
The whole hostel was decorated up in anticipation of the event. All the beauties of KCHR were dressed in their finest best!  Amongst the teachers that were present, some were ,our Principal, Mr. P.K. Patra, our hostel Superintendent, Sabita Dash, and, ofcourse, our very own, beloved, Biswajit Sir.  The programme took off with the auspicious lighting of the lamp and a welcome dance by the second years. It was followed by a miniature of programs by the 1st year students, including, a group dance, a group song, a stand-up comedy act, and a dance face-off. The senior students were no less. The stage was set on fire by a group of 2nd year, 3rd year, and 4th year students. The whole event was brilliantly hosted by the lovely ladies, Miss Adyasha Mohapatra, and, Miss Little Jena (3rd years), and Miss Samidha Ratho, and, Miss Komal Panigrahi (2nd years). We were also enlightened by the wise words told by the Principal, and Biswajit sir. The winners of the earlier conducted events were felicitated. The names of the winners are as follows:

Our Delightful Hosts For The Evening

1st prize- Mrinaline Mishra

2nd prize- Nibedita Behera

·         SOLO SONG:

1st prize- Susmita Ojha

2nd prize- Karishma Mishra


1st prize- Harsha Sahu

2nd prize- Sushree Lipali

·         GROUP DANCE

1st prize- Laxmipriya, Preeti Pragyan Dash, Shivani Mishra

·         SOLO DANCE:

1st prize- Risha Agarwal

2nd prize- Sushree

·         FACE PAINTING:

1st prize- P Elizabeth Glory and Shrika Agarwal

2nd prize- Sweety and Anasuya

Okay, then came the most awaited part. After a lot of deliberation by the seniors, Miss Risha Agarwal was crowned as “MISS FRESHER”.

Our Miss Fresher: Risha
We are very grateful to all the co-ordinators and the volunteers for the tireless hardwork put in by them. It was because of their dedication, that the event could become such a huge success. Also, not to forget, last year’s Miss Fresher, Miss Nikita Rout, deserves a special mention for keeping the much needed entertainment factor rekindled.

All hail KCHRites!

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