Saturday, 21 February 2015

Engineer's Cup 2K15: Day 3!

By: Nimisha Acharya
Written by Asutosh Hota,1st year

Its showtime in the engineers cup,the most awaited event of the year organised by CET,BBSR. After a breathtaking and record breaking performance by CET, we are into the quarters. The 1st match was played between VVSUT and NMIET. The match set the standards high with VVSUT’s amazing attack and NMIET’s prolific defense. The star player of the game Nimit of VSSUT was marked throughout the game and the score made way for a thrilling penalty shootout which was won by VSSUT with their invincible strikers who put the ball past the net everytime they scored.

The 2nd quarter final was played between OEC and IGIT, Sarang. The match started with a foul ,a silly one from Sarang’s heroes. Both the teams looked composed and were trying their best to score when the prodigal Nyom struck it behind the nets with his smart skills. The second match was goalless and the match was won by the deadly looking IGIT team.

It was war time now, crowds gathering and fans cheering for their very own CET football team having rigged with star players like Sujan Mishra and the little wonder Sunil. The match was delayed by the away side, Silicon college being late by 30 mins. The match finally started with the welcome by our very own Ajoy bhaiya and the crowds cheered their hearts out when the first goal was struck hard by Sunil. It was just a few minutes ticking, when the strongest defender scored a goal with a gallant roar. The second half followed by,and CET was on its way to victory when a blunder from our keeper made the scoreline 2-1. But still, we caught the show with a beautiful victory at the final whistle.CET invincible!!

The final quarter final was a game to watch out for. Two of the best private engineering institutes of Odisha in a battle for supremacy on the football field!! The game was a contesting one with a bit of foul play from both sides and tremendous effort. It was 1 all at the end and then it was shootout time. Finally, the sweat and hard work paid off for the ITER side defeating the Catalan KIIT 6-5 in the shootout.

It was the survival of the fittest now. The teams after playing a game each now headed towards a glittering semi-final with their star studded sides. The 4 teams were warming up and it was the showdown that we were waiting for. In the first semi-final it was too close to call and IGIT finally emerged the “numero uno” after another penalty shootout where 4-3 was the score.  Now the last battle to reach the finals was between the greats of Mr Sujan Mishra of CET and Rittik of VSSUT. Although it was a pretty close game but the referee’s wrong call of a penalty took the score to 2-0 and unfortunately CET lost the game.

Amidst all the intense football action, it was a day to remember and cherish throughout their lives for the players of CET cricket team. The finals of the cricket tournament was played between the CET and VSSUT teams. It was CET to bat first but unfortunately could put up a small score of 78runs on board. But it was quite miraculous the way they came back, hard and strong. Mr. Saurav Suman was the star bowler by taking 4 wickets who shattered the first order. Mr Nilesh Sinha was also successful picking up 3 and Amar and Bajra dismantled the tail. It was a proud moment for the captain to lift the trophy and he thanked the whole team and the supporters for their heartfelt cheering and wishes.
Last but not the least, our beloved girls basketball team won the tournament with a 12-5 win over the KIST team. Their performance on the field was quite amazing and inspiring. The chants of CET..CET was heard all over the college!! All in all, it was an awesome day at the Engineer's Cup!

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