Saturday, 21 February 2015

Engineer's cup 2K15: Day 2

By: Nimisha Acharya
Written by Yogesh Kumar(CSE,1st year)
Photos by Avishek Das(CSE,1st year)

The balls set into motion and the lamps lit on the first day  continued to roll and blaze even more intensely on the second day where talent,dynamism,dedication and aggression came to a flaming confluence on the second day of Engineer’s Cup 2K15.Going by the events which stole the show today were cricket,football and badmimton.



The white jersey GITA took on the black pants OEC IN the opening clash today.The final 0-0 deadlock was broken in penalty shootout with OEC defeating GITA.

In one of this few one sided matches KIIT defeated GITA 3-0.

In this match,GEC was defeated by IGIT sarang by a margin of 4-3 in penalty shootout.

VSSUT BURLA defeated NIST Berhampur 3-0.

Sillicon institute of technology defeated Krupajal Engineering College(4-2).

The most interesting and thrilling match today was that between OEC and PMEC.The main time ended with 1-1 draw.Both the teams used excellent strategies to establish their supremacy.Then the penalty shootout also ended in 2-2 draw.Finally after a minor dispute regarding the repetition of players in one to one clash,after 5 rounds OEC won the match with the entire crowd on CET ground waiting with bated breath.

Pressing on the home ground advantage,CET defeated KIIT by 8 wickets to win the match comprehensively and qualify for semifinals.Milan bhai ,the star scorer for CET with 47 runs from 33 balls was the chief architect of this victory.A minor hassle between KIIT and CET players showed the level of aggression and dedication which was later successfully resolved by the coordinators.In the other match GIET won by 18 runs against VSSUT.In reply to the GIET’S  score of 85 runs,VSSUT could only muster 67.


In a high voltage clash where CET today made a commendable comeback after losing the first two sets to CEB and ultimately winning the match which was just another memorable match after cricket.CET won 20-21,21-14,21-18,21-16,21-13,21-18,15-21,20-21,18-21,14-21,9-21,18-21.
On the other side,KIIT continued its golden run by defeating NISER BHUBANESWAR 21-15,21-9,21-4,21-5,21-3,21-9.


When the entire CET ground was focussed on the gruelling football match,a group of beautiful girls took the entire ground by trance.Yes,they were the girls from CEB and KISD who played the basketball match and ultimately KISDwon by 21-18.A small interview with with CEB girls shed some light on the fact that CEB attributed their defeat to poor coordination.
Apart from all these action and drama,that unfolded in CET ground today, a hats off and standing ovation to to all the organisers and coordinators  who were working tirelessly from morning to make Engineer’s cup 2k15 a grand success.Debesh bhai for first aid anytime,Sourav bhai(3rdyear,mech) for superb and awesome anchoring well supported by Satya bhai,Naresh bhai and the all popular Anadi bhai for arranging and maintaining scorecard,and hospitality amenities to guest teams.Due to unfortunate reasons,the high voltage drama at volleyball court and matches after 6 pm could not be covered.But by then energy and frenzy had already taken over.

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