Monday, 16 February 2015

CET Polls

By: Dibyasha Mohanty
“I  have had playmates,I  have had companions.
In my days of childhood,in my joyful schooldays
All,all are gone,the old familiar faces”
-Charles Lamb
But the roller-coaster ride through an altogether new safari,new people centred in a new ambience is undoubtedly an uphill battle. So, the ever inquisitive team of CET Rising decided it would be quite interesting to capture the campus experience of the first years in CET, now that quite some time has passed.But interviewing just a few would have led to missing out the bigger picture,isn’t it?
So,we came up with some amusing tags from every branch-Mr. and Miss.Popular,Mr. and Miss Talented,Mr. and  Miss Scholastic. And yes, they were nominated by their very own branchmates,the story straight from the horse’s mouth.So here we go...

Mr. Popular: Sohan Sahoo  
Miss Popular:Risha Agarwal
Mr.Talented:Subhashish Mohanty
Miss. Talented:Amrita Chakraborty          
Mr.Scholastic:Ashutosh Sahu                                                          
Miss.Scholastic:Lipsa Mahapatra
Mr. Popular:Ansuman Panda
Miss. Popular:Amrita Amrutayanee
Mr.Talented:Abhijeet Samantsinghar
Miss. Talented:Rani Pradhan
Mr.Scholastic:Bibhu Parambrahma & Biswajit Balabantaray
Miss.Scholastic:Monalisa Batik

Mr. Popular:Aditya Shankar Naik
Miss. Popular:Aryashree Aradeepa
Mr.Talented:Anand Patel
Miss. Talented:Varsha Sathpathy
Mr.Scholastic:Siddharth Mishra
Miss.Scholastic:Avipsa Nath

Mr. Popular:Aditya Padhi
Miss. Popular:Snigdha Kar
Mr.Talented:Abhishek Mishra
Miss. Talented:Alaidu Pooja
Mr.Scholastic:Divyen Deep
Miss.Scholastic: Richi R. Mishra
Mr. Popular:Yogesh Kumar
Miss. Popular:Sanskriti Mahapatra
Mr.Talented:Rishab Agarwal & Ravi Narayan Mahawar
Miss. Talented:Arpita Priyadarshini
Mr.Scholastic:Deepak Kumar Nayak
Miss.Scholastic:Subhashree Nanda  & Marina Hota
Mr. Popular:Pradeep Nayak
Miss. Popular:Agnija Barik
Mr.Talented:Hitendra Prasad
Miss. Talented:Laxmipriya Hembram
Mr.Scholastic:Krishnakant Pandey
Miss.Scholastic:Pratyusha Senapati

Mr. Popular:Ujjwal Raja & Sibananda Mallick
Miss. Popular:Shirin Sonali
Mr.Talented:Ujjwal Raja
Miss. Talented:Manisha Samal
Mr.Scholastic:Debabrata Pramanik
Miss.Scholastic:Arshi Naaz

Mr. Popular:Gautam Sandiliya
Miss. Popular:Shubhra Dash
Mr.Talented:Chandan Singh
Miss. Talented:Neha Pandey
Mr.Scholastic:Sagar Parida
Miss.Scholastic: Shanti Agarwal

 Some of these will be interviewed by our CET Rising team.Others,stay tuned for the interesting events coming up this Xtasy 2015.

N.B: Due to some inconvenience,we could not post the results for the remaining branches.


  1. We could not reach the M.sc and architecture guys due to some inconvenience.And the remaining engineering branches were not so cooperative.