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Day 2 @Perception 2k15

By: Sidhant Sourav

By Sidhant Sourav and Dibyasha Mohanty

with the help of

(Agents : Pallavi Mohapatra, Arshi Naaz, Himanshu Jha, SaiShikha Priyadarshini, Ashutosh Dixit And Baibaswata Jena)

Yesterday was good, but it's a Sunday now!!! Agreed, The India Vs South Africa Match grabbed a lot of attention. But nothing can stop the grandeur of this year's megaevent Perception 2k15!
After yesterday's brilliant start, the second day just got bigger and that indicates a promising finish to the extravaganza. Missed the live action?? Here come the highlights....


Agent: Himanshu Jha

The day kick started with the  much awaited megaquizzing event titled "Qurious" which was the one for you if you are into the world of general knowledge. It witnessed a huge turnout with nearly 200 participants including large numbers from other colleges. The event was aptly co-ordinated by Mr. Subhasis Tripathy, Mr. Bidit Mohanty, Mr. Sidhartha Pattnaik and Mr. Sohan Sarangi. The contestants were highly knowledgeable and energetic, making the event a treat to watch.

Qurious Minds!!

The winners of the event were :-
1st: Jyoti Prakash Panda (Silicon Institute of Technology) & Bivash Rath(VSSUT)
2nd: Omkar Amrutanshu & Siddharth Mishra (KIIT)
3rd: Abhinav Dhar & Navodit Gautam(KIIT)


Let's see what they are scribbling!! :P



Agent: Pallavi Mohapatra

Minimise prelims was the hot techno event involving Technical crossword.
The best thing about crosswords is that it has a satiating solution.
The clues ranged from few basic facts to some mind bogglers. The competition saw quite a good turnout with around 40 teams. From the participating teams, 6 teams will be shortlisted for finals.
The coordinators for the event were Manaskant Mishra, Snehita Konchada and Little Jena.
It is certain that the final is going to be an even huger one.

Twist in the Tale:


Agent: Ashutosh Dixit

Thinking or Gossiping?? :P Only time will tell

Coordinator: Tanuja pattnaik
( prelims)
The event 'twist in the tale' is an awesome event that measures the writting skills of the participants who are come from different colleges as well as the participants from our college.
In this event, the participants are provided with six different abstract words from which they choose one word and write a tale which is full of " GARAM MASALA" - means Twist.
They have to  write the tale  within 200-500 words in 40 minutes.

The Words given were
1.Circle 2.Fear
3.Phone Booth 4.Night 5.Smile 6.Khamosh



The Focused Lady!

Agent:Pallavi Mohapatra

The next 'Perceptive' event on our agenda was Wordsworth. Word play at its very best - thats what Wordsworth was all about.
The event included questions ranging from anagrams to synonyms and idioms. Around 60 teams participated from among which 4 will be selected for the final in addition to the 2 teams shortlisted from the online event.
Jessica Mohapatra, Pratikshya Satpathy and  Pratikshya Das were the organizers of the event, coordinated by Swagatika Swain. The event spanned a duration of exactly 20 minutes after starting at 11.40 AM.
The finalists are:
1) Team Name- The Bespectacled Geniuses (Vivek Vikas Pattanaik and Baibaswata Jena)
2) Team Name- Paradox (Haneesha V and Pallavi Mohapatra)
3)Team Name- Despicable Duo (Ashutosh Panda and Roshan Suryakant Mohanty)
4) Team Name- Kana kahila Mah! ( Biswanath Nanda and Pratiyush Dalai)
5) Team Name- Ame mane harigalu (Nimisha Acharya and Sidhant Sourav)
6) Team Name-Trendsetters (Ayan Ghosh and Upasana Patnaik)
7) Team Name-Jokers (Aparna Tripathy and Siddharth Samal) along with Saif Ali and Shuvzit, the finalists shortlisted from the online event.
The final tomorrow promises a harder, tougher and nerve wrecking challenge.


Agent: Pallavi Mohapatra

Discussions! Planning! Creativity!

Broadcast turned out to be one of the most perfectly managed events. The prelims comprised two rounds. In the first round, the teams had to use their creativity and innovation to come up with catchy headlines for few images shown. In the second, they had to submit a written newspaper report on a video( here, the Uttarakhand flood) shown to them. With around 30 teams in the prelims, 4 were selected from among them who contested along with 2 teams shortlisted from the online event in the final. In the final round, each team was given a clip and they had to present a news channel coverage on the same.
The winner team was  team: jetile organizers ko cadbury with
team members: Soumya Mukherjee, Vinnata Rout and Pratiksha Das who registered a comprehensive win, followed by the Runner's Up team Kuch Bhi with Pratikshya Satpathy, Neha Jagannath and Aayushi Nayak and the 2nd runner's Up team Alga Prakars with Swagatika Swain, Rohit Swain and Rohit Saraogi. The coordinators of the event were Alisha Rout,Akankshya Mishra,Apurva Mishra and
Anirban Pati.


Agent:Himanshu Jha

Back View!! For a change

This event was all about one's knowledge about the past and the present in the business world. The fact that the event was at the end of the day notwithstanding, well over 100 enthusiasts turned up for it. The event was well managed by co-ordinators Mr. Bidit Mohanty , Mr. Anshuman Panda and Mr. Sampad Pattanaik with the quiz master being Mr. Bivash Rath from VSSUT,Burla. The contestants didn't disappoint, with the event being highly competitive.
And the winners of the event are :-
1.Omkar Amrutanshu and Abhinav Dhar ()KIIT)
2.Saptashi Dash and Anko Biswas (KIIT)
3.Siddharth Mishra and Adwait Kumar Singh (KIIT)

The special mentions included Toyad Pattanaik and Prateek Mishra.


Agent:Arshi Naaz

After boggling the minds of participants and making them strive to bring out the Karobaar skills in them,this event was on its full swing on day 2 too.Each group put in full efforts to sell their products and prove themselves to be the best KAROBAARI.The tension to convince their customers and the fear of getting eliminated made them burn the midnight oil and have the chance to win prize money worth Rs 10000.Seems like their efforts brought them sweet fruits.
Finally the war is over!

And here are the winners
1st position:
Team Honey Bee
Debabrata Pramanik
Suvam Palo

2nd position:
Team Cheat fund
Ansuman Panda
Sayed Afif

3rd position:
Team Bum Bum Bole
Sai Srimoy
Kaushik Goel

Arshi Naaz
1st yr,Biotechnology


Agent: Baibaswata Jena

After the physical exertion of the engineer's cup it was time to put the grey cells into action when the quizzes came calling. The Electronics and Instrumentation branch organised a quiz combining electronics curriculum and general technological knowledge. The finale had seven teams and there was a tussle for the first position.
At last the team comprising Baibaswata Jena and Suraj Kumar Rout were the winners of this event.  

Brain Boggling :

Agent: Baibaswata Jena

Programming is thought to be a difficult job by many. But the fun side of coding was demonstrated by this event today.In this participants had to solve a puzzle block by placing code fragments logically.Proper placing of the blocks resulted in the movement of some puzzle blocks on the screen.This event was coordinated by Tworit Dash,Third yr.I&E.

The winners were-
First - Afrin Naaz and Sriparna Patra
Second- V.Tarun Kumar,Anisha Sahu and Kishore Ranjan Nayak
Third-Swagatika Sahoo and Shaswata Sahoo

Q- Technologico:

Agent:Baibaswata Jena

This event was a quiz based on technological facts and current technological phenomena. This event saw huge participation from students of other colleges. The event was a true test of the technological credentials of the assembled quizzers.

The winners of this event were:
Bivash Rath
Jyoti Prakash Panda
Arko Biswas
Saptarshi Das
AK Singh
Siddharth Mishra

Web Weavers:

Agent: SaiShikha Priyadarshini

"Web Weavers"...As the name suggests, it's all related to the whereabouts of web.Questions were based on recent technological advancements,various apps,gaming challenges and so on...
Consisted of 10 questions, 6-10 were Tiebreakers.
Organisers-Neha Jagganath
                     Siddharth samant
                     Pratik Mishra
Coordinator-Ayushi Nayak

Thus Concludes day 2 as we wait for a thrilling finish tomorrow.Finales of many events await us. Put on your shoes and get all set to crack codes, design circuits, fight war with the bots and even to beg-borrow...oh..how can i forget...you need to steal as well!

Stay tuned for further updates!!!

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