Saturday, 31 January 2015

YOUR FaCETs : By Vivek Vikas Pattnaik

By: Team PenTastic

[Edited by Jessica Mohapatra and Sradha Suman Mahapatra]

Here are two of the carefully written pieces of poetry sent to us by an ardent thinker and writer, Mr.Vivek Vikas Pattnaik. Below, we present two of his poems each bringing out a different aspect of our lives. While one portrays a crazy-in-love young heart, the other highlights a very important concept of listening as a dying art, highlighting how we, as modern beings, desperately succumb to the inclination to be heard all the time, and rarely stop to listen and think prior to that. 
We hope the readers enjoy Vivek's work!


I am mad...
Does it sound sad?
For I'm mad in love,
And not listening to anyone.
Anyone but me,
Living in a reverie.

I do get a bit sad,
For I can't wish that I had.
Had some love from her,
Which is reserved for some other.
I don't know what's it with me,
That I don't give up and leave.

No hopes of her falling for me,
I strive to at least be,
By her side and spend some time,
However less it may be.
Just one chance is all I need,
To be out and try my best.

It's up to her after all,
Whether she wants to fall,
In love with me or not.
I won't complain if she doesn't,
I'll just go and be pleasant,
To whomsoever I meet with a present.


Listening must be a dying art, 
Eyes transfixed, our phones smart. 
We talk less and comfortably chat, 
Just replying to look smart.

I wonder when it'll occur to people,
That we were born vocal. 
With such sweet voices, 
Maybe saving, to reduce noises.

We're not hopeless... Are we? 
That we're dependent on Wi-Fi. 
At least I'm glad that some are aware, 
Raising their heads, feeling the air.

I'm just inspired by "Look up",
Video posted on YouTube. 
For I too see people busy with their devices,
Ignoring the world around their houses.

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