Thursday, 8 January 2015

Sammy Speaks#2:Unsaid...

By: Jessica Mohapatra

Written by Swayam Siddha Mishra

Hello Cetizens,

I know its been a long time ....here I am bringing you a new article written by my very dear friend ,Swayam Siddha Mishra(4th year, Textile), Swayam (a.k.a Sammy) is a very gifted writer , who has been writing for Times Of India , had been placed All India 3rd in Horlicks Wiz-Kidz (Essay Writing Competition) during her school days and has won a highly acclaimed National Award - "The Rabindranath National Award " in the recently concluded competition, it took me a lot of coaxing to convince her to write something for this blog...but we have been lucky as she has agreed to spend some of her time and display some of her creations here.....who has the potential to be the next Chetan Bhagat (not from IIT ...Silly!!) but from our very own CET....So let us hear Sammy speak....

          Sammy   speaks....                     

(Conversation between two friends)


“Look,it’s already too late!
Our 8th semester is already over dear!It’s NOW or NEVER !He is leaving this city just after a month and you are putting on your wings for USA this Saturday itself!!!If you don’t tell him now,I am quite sure that you are going to repent  it throughout your lifetime….Come on dear,it’s your FIRST LOVE afterall!How can you subdue it’s importance???”

"God would never be so unfair as to allow me to fall in love like that if there were not some possibility for that love being requited(Adultery-Paulo Coelho)..."

“Now please stop reading those philosophical Coelho Uncle’s books and reciting a suitable line out of it as an answer!!!(Grabs the book from Stephens’ clasp and throws it away)

Look Stephens,call him now itself-tell him that you want to meet him for the last time in your life and put an end to your UNDEFINED love story today !Just kiss him at the end-scream on his face that you hate him the most-again just grab him and kiss him!Ask him not to approach you or come in front of you HENCEFORTH!

That’s the best revenge you can ever take on that guy!Well,I know that again you are going to repeat your same old line that you love him and you can’t take revenge on him.You just want his happiness- and his girl-friend,the bitch who just swallowed up your happiness,knowing very well that you both had something for each other!!!Else,you know what,you will end up commiting adultery yourself  and might also go to the other extent like masochism,fetishes,lesbian love,etc yourself-just out of your repentance !!!Huh!”

(Leaves the college canteen,marking the designs of her sole on the cover of the thrown away book)
I sit quietly…tears rolling down my eyes.A deep thrill rolls up my heart…My feet starts shivering suddenly in the hot summer afternoon.The world around me goes faint and hazy and  finally I loose control .I fell on someone’s arm,as far as I remember,resting comfortably on his warm ,wide and tough chest…

Trust me,that was the 'best fall' I had ever experienced in my lifetime!The calmness,peace ,satisfaction and security.....It seemed like we belonged together
On opening my eyes…(shocked)common this is not a COINCIDENCE!!!This cannot be a coincidence!!!(thinking myself) How can the same person come infront of me again and again?!!!...He keeps on staring deep into my eyes,with his same intense look…
(Extract from my second novel.To be continued…)


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