Thursday, 22 January 2015

Litreat#6:Catch it Live!

By: Aayushi Jajodia
_Aayushi Jajodia
 (Guided By- Pratikshya Satpathy and Jessica Mohapatra)

 (Pictures Courtesy- CET Photofactory)

After weeks of preparation and hard work put in by the Cetadel members, the two-week literary festival, Litreat-2k15 finally concluded yesterday with the commencement of perhaps the most out of the box event, Catch It Live!

                                                        A clip of the Winning video- AhimSwag
A video making contest, it was basically targeted at young and creative minds eager to showcase their video making and editing skills. There was no theme as such as it required the participants to go crazy and wild with their ideas, which they did.

Huge number of entries rolled in, as expected, with participants ranging from final year students to freshers. Out of these, a total of seven entries were shortlisted by a well- equipped team of members for open screening. At about 1 o’clock, people started turning up, along with participants. The SAC (Students Activity Centre) was where the videos were to be screened. The judging panel consisted of Mr. Prayash Abhinash and Ms. Jessica Mohapatra. As Mr. Prayash is a senior member of the CET Photofactory Club, he assessed the photography and editing skills of the entrees while, Jessica Di, our senior CET Rising member tested the content and the essence of the videos submitted. The audience, consisting of a bunch of students were bustling with energy and anticipation.

Our Judges
The event took off smoothly. The entries were awesome. Whilst the “Friendzoned in CET” documentary made us laugh our heads off, some raised issues such as eve-teasing. Some portrayed the beauty of our city, while some showed the struggles of an individual with making a stand for himself. After a careful assessment in about eight different fields, all the shortlisted videos were scored.

One of the entries of the event.
At the end, the team which emerged as the winner was the team named “Blah Blah” by the 2nd Year students Raman Kumar, Sarthak Mohapatra, and, Aditya K Singh. Congratulations Guys! You made us laugh real hard. The link to their video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hthuTxTfIVQ

Also, a special mention  goes out to the team, “Thullu”, which was presented by the 1st year students, Pritish Mishra, Pradeep Kumar Nayak and Agnija Barik. Kudos! The link to their video is:


And hence with this event, we have come to an end of this very successful season of the litreat festival.  We will be definitely looking forward to it next year. Here’s hoping you do the same.
                                           The Organizers And Judges Of Catch It Live!

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