Tuesday, 20 January 2015


By: Nimisha Acharya
Legends, mysteries, myths, hoaxes and conspiracy theories…Sounds interesting, right?! Yes I am talking about the quizzing event “It’s Complicated” which comprises all this and lots more. After an amazing prelims round last week, the grand finale of “It’s Complicated” saw the seven finalist teams battling it out for the ultimate prize. On 20th January at 2.30 pm, the teams undertook a journey of awesomeness with some of the most memorable questions one can come across!!

There were 3 rounds in all. The first round saw some really mind blowing trivia related to Jesus Christ visiting Puri, India’s first plane, Love Jihad and Illuminati. The second round was “Serious or Joking?” which had various images, some of which are viral on the internet and the participants had to answer whether the image is real or a hoax. The pictures were actually confusing!! The final round was “The Last Attack” which again had some really good questions, especially the one about the parallels between Hinduism and Nazism as drawn by a certain author.

From the very first round, it was clear that who would be the top 3 teams but their positions were not certain until the end. After a really tough competition, the results are:

WINNERS - Quizbull Mujahideen: Debabrata, Baibaswata, Sohan
They were in the lead right from the beginning and gave some fabulous answers to emerge as champions.

1ST RUNNERS UP - Nirvana: Jyoti, Gagarin, Sachikanta. 
They were not far behind and did come really close to winning.

2ND RUNNERS UP – Terrific Trio: Pratyush, Manish, Baisakhi. 
They were also really close to winning and did extremely well.

Congratulations to the winners!! Of course, the other finalist teams are extremely talented too and are all winners in their own right. All of them gave some good answers too. The finalist teams in no particular order are as follows:
Active Wheel: Rohit, Isaac, Prasenjit

Quizmonks: Akanksha, Prateek, Swagatika

Guess What!!: Suvam, Pritish, Sailesh

Golapi Golapi: Anshuman, Raman, Arghya

The coordinators of this event were none other than our favourite quiz masters, Subhasish Tripathy and Bidit Mohanty and jointly organized by Cetadel and CetQuizzite as part of “Litreat”, the intra college literary extravaganza. Special thanks to them for doing such a tremendous job!!

Photo Credits: CET Photofactory

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