Friday, 23 January 2015


By: Dibyasha Mohanty
By:Dibyasha Mohanty
Guided by:Ritika Barik

 To reinvent  a yet another facet of a composition and depict it on a sheet of paper with  colors and characters of one’s choice.That was the entire idea of the event-DRESS  MY  BOOK.A  book jacket designing competition in which you design the cover of your favourite novel as well as give a brief  sum-up of the story in words of your own.
The event began with the introduction of the rules and regulations by the coordinators-Alisha Rout,Swagatika Swain and Willy Das. Eventually the teams were provided with a drawing sheet each, neatly folded in the form of a card. They were to  design the cover of a novel of their choice within a stipulated time of one hour.
After the entries were submitted, the judges had a tough range of options to choose from –whether it should be John Green’s Fault in our Stars or  Sussana’s 7 Husbands by  Ruskin Bond.
Why not the Bloodline by Sidney Sheldon?Or  the all time favourite Harry Potter by Rowling?
 The entries were judged on the basis of overall presentation of cover page, comprehensiveness of the synopsis and popularity.To be precise,30% weightage was given to cover page(judged by Jessica Mohapatra),40% weightage was given to synopsis(judged by Swagatika and Willy) and 30% weightage was given to facebook  likes fetched .After much heated discussion ,the judges finally selected the winners.These are:
1st  -Sussana’s 7 Husbands:Shivangi  Pradhan, Ankita Das
2nd  -Fight Club: Prayash Mohapatra,Anshuman Ray
3rd –Bloodline:Soumya Tripathy,Ayushee Mohanty,Eijilina Priyadarshini

CET Rising extends heartiest congratulations to the winners. Nevertheless the remaining entries gave a cut-throat competition and were impressive enough.

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