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Litreat #4- MUDDA
Label:- Event of Litreat
By:- Pooja Pattnaik

Guided and Edited by:- Vinnata Rout

Emotions ran high. So did the intentions. There was grit. Vigour! Passion! Then there were fierce debators of CET who fought tooth and nail. Till the very end!
“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict,argument and Debate”.

Thus the LITREAT 2K15 presents the debate hour i.e  “MUDDA- Matters that matter”, a combination of rhetoric group discussion and debating.  


                                                    Paticipants of Mudda


It was held in the Orientation hall of CET campus. About 40 students participated in teams of two.
The first round constituted more of group discussion and various topics were provided for the same:-

a.       One rotten apple spoils the whole basket.
b.      Peshawar attack, Pakistan suffered or deserved it?
c.       Kiss of love , is it against our culture?
d.      Freedom of speech, how far is it valued?


After some heated discussions, further arguments and decent interaction, 6 teams were selected for the Grand Finale.
The respectable judges for the session were:-

1. Swasidhant Chowdhury, former CET student, currently working at IBM India.

2. Sourav Mishra, final year CET.

The teams were marked and selected based on group cohesion, framework of the content, maintenance of GD decorum and order, coordination between team members and different teams.

                                  Participants discussing their strategy!

In the final round, the 6 teams had Debate and Face-off round. Each member were given a chance to speak for 2 mints based on the given topic and according to ‘chit system’ .
                                   Group Discussion and debate 

The topics provided for the finale were very interesting as such and the participants got completely engrossed in the debate session.

a. Uber cabs should be banned in India.

b. CSR activity , is it socially driven or financially driven?

c. ISL and IPl extravanganzas, is it necessary?

And finally after a energetic and wonderful competition, we finally got our winners, the best debaters of CET  of 2015!
Winners: Electrolytes , Biswanath and Samidha
!st runner up: Xpressionist , Tejassvita and Swagatika
2nd runner up: Bobbaall , Arghaya and Raman Kumar

We congratulate all the winners and of course all the participants too, because they all did a great job.
Rest three finalists in no particular order:

1. Kuch Bhi, Anshuman and Ayush

2. Double trouble, Payal Rout and Stuti

3. Levellers, Manish and Baisakhi

And the reserve team: Forum makers, Diptimaya and Yogesh.

Also we are thankful to the judges and the coordinators – Ms. Jessica Mohapatra, Ms. Twinkle Panda and Ms. Vinnata Rout for their hardwork and cooperation for conducting this competition.

Photo Credits: CET Photofactory

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