Friday, 16 January 2015

LITREAT #3 - Nibandh

By: Anshuman Ray
[Guided by Tanuja Pattanaik and Pratikshya Satpathy]

The aspiring writers of CET congregated under one roof. To scribble something unputdownable.
Forty minutes is all they have. To state their views. Create their characters. With their voice screeching out of those eclectic pages. To take a stand. To justify a stance. All said and done with a piece of paper and a pen. And some pestering thoughts.

Nibandh was conducted on 14th of january, making it the third event of LITREAT.  There were more than sixty participants. It may have seemed like a conventional essay writing competition
Only the topics made it very distinctive and edgy. They were:

1. You will be dead in a month
2. Present, Past and future of a rape victim : who is to be blamed
3. Moral policing in India
4. The doorbell rings. You open the door. You are dumbstruck.

Yeah, talk of being typical!! The topics were insightful, intelligent and thought provoking. What do you do when all you got is a month to live?. What are the trials and tribulations of a rape victim who was oppressed before as a girl, after as a rape victim?. Are the basic rights of a citizen being curtailed with moral policing? The ringing doorbell and maybe a familiar stranger but definitely an intriguing story to complete. There  was enough firepower to unload it on the paper !!

There wasn't a whisper in the room as the participants were engrossed in the writing. After forty minutes the papers were collected. The participants were allowed to write in all three languages hindi, odia and english.

After going through each of those illuminating write ups, Here is the final list of winners:
1. Baibaswata Bijana Jena, I&E, 1st year
2. Monica Tripathy, I&E, 3rd year
3. Ankita Mohanty,mech,2nd year & Sidharth Samal, IT, 3rd year (Its a tie!!)

These articles would be a published in the prestigious Engineering Herald. As for the next six articles which came very close to winning, here is a heartening surprise. Those articles would be featured in the CET rising blog next week. So stay tuned!! You could be the one to get published!! Photo Credits: CET Photofactory

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