Saturday, 10 January 2015


By: Team PenTastic
LITREAT-2K15 is here!! Starting from Jan 12th, LITREAT-2K15 shall comprise of six events spanning over a period of six days, with one event per day. The events will include quiz, group discussions, debates, creative writing, video-making and book cover designing events.



    Date: Jan 12, 2015

     1.Individual participants across all branches and years are invited
     2.There will be just one round
     3.Each candidate must come prepared with a character of his/her choice (which                   he/she wants to defend).
     4.Each candidate has to speak for a maximum of 4 minutes about his/her character of choice.
     5.The speech must ideally consist of an introduction to the character followed by the           speaker’s justification on choosing the character, personal views about the                       character which may include the character’s glories and other qualities as perceived         by the speaker.
     6.Each candidate has to face a rebuttal round comprising 2 questions from the jury              and 1 question from the audience.


    Date: Jan 13, 2015

    1.Team Size- 3 Max
    2.Lone wolves are welcome too. 
    3.Cheaters will be exorcized. 


   Date: Jan 14, 2015

   1)You get 40 minutes to write.
   2)A minimum of 500 words will have to be used.
   3)Three topics will be announced on the spot from which participants will have to choose any one to write on.
   4)The essay can be in Odia,English or Hindi.

  4.  MUDDA

    Date: Jan 15, 2015

    1.Participants have to come in groups of 2.
    2.There shall be 2 rounds.
    3.In the first round, the teams will be divided into groups of 4 and each group will be    given a specific topic and 2 minutes to prepare their points, following which a group-  discussion among the teams (comprising 2 members each) of each group shall take  place for a maximum of 12 minutes.  
   4.Based on their performances, the teams of each group will be marked on these  parameters – Number of points put forth, Relevance of the points to the topic, speech  of the team members, coordination between the team members, role played by the  team in the progress of the discussion, role played by the team in maintaining order  and decorum.
    5.One team will be selected to move to the next round from each group.
    6.The teams selected for the 2nd round will be given a topic to discuss and a winner and  a runner-up will be subsequently declared.


    Date: Dec 16, 2015

    1.Paint the front and back cover of the book of your choice(as you wish it had been).
    2.The front cover should contain the title of the book, a related picture and the                  author's, illustrator's name.
    3.The back cover must contain the synopsis o the book in a way that it best describes          the main ideas of the story and a short review which can be as brief as a one-                    sentence comment.
    4.Needless to say, the book cover is used to entice the reader and give information              about what the book is about.

   6.  CATCH IT 
LIVE: Roll… Camera… Action…

     Date: Jan 17, 2015


1. Make a group of 3
(i) Video Maker
(ii) Content Writer
(iii) Executer
2. Select one theme and make a video. The video must not exceed 5 mins.
3. The final results will be on the basis of youtube likes. These will contribute upto 50% of the result. 
Rest will depend on the panel of judges, who will decide on the underlaid criteria:
1) Cinematography
2) Editing and Screenplay
3) Theme and Concept
4) Effective journalism skills
5) Questionnaire by the judges

So, contact the respective event coordinators and get yourself registered quickly!! :-)

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