Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Litreat #2: It's Complicated

By: Nimisha Acharya
[Guided by Jessica Mohapatra]

The second day of Litreat 2k15 began on a fantastic note, with the quizzing event “It’s Complicated”. It was all about the unknown and the mysterious. It comprised pretty much anything 'out of the box' like legends, myths, conspiracy theories, scandals and hoaxes.

On the 13th of January at 1 pm, the participating teams started arriving at the Conference Hall. By 1.30 pm, there was a huge turnout of about 35 teams and more than 100 participants. The crowd was all excited as the genre of the quiz was quite interesting and different than the usual.

There were 19 questions in all. The questions justified the name of the event!! And the answers were surprisingly easy. 

They ranged from recent events like the disappearance of MH 370 to mythical creatures like Big Foot and Lochness monster, from Princess Diana to the Great Wall of China and some other amazing people like 'KRK' (Remember Bigg Boss, anyone?!) But the question of the day for me was undoubtedly the one about the connection between the Egyptian and Indian Gods in the form of inter civilization religious exchange, the answer to which was our very own 'Rath Yatra'.
This was the preliminary round. The dates for the finals will be notified later. The finalist teams are:
      Active Wheel: Rohit(4th  yr), Isaac(4thyr), Prasenjit (4th yr)

     Quizbull Mujahideen: Sohan(3rd  yr), Baibaswata(1st  yr), Debabrata(1st  yr)

     Quizmonks: Akanksha(4th  yr), Prateek(4th  yr), Swagatika(4th  yr)

Guess What!!: Suvam(1st  yr), Pritish(1st  yr), Sailesh(1st  yr)

      Nirvana: Gagarin(4th  yr), Jyoti(4th  yr)

     Golapi Golapi: Anshuman(2nd  yr), Raman(2nd  yr), Arghya(2nd  yr)

     Terrific Trio: Pratyush(4th  yr), Baisakhi(1st  yr) ,Manish(2nd  yr)

There are 2 back up teams who will be a part of the finals if any of the top 7 teams are absent.They are:

1.      Tharki  Mahatma: Biswa, Sahil, Sidhant

2.      Rise: Sathwik  , Sripad and Rohan

And along with that we would like to mention some really funny team names that we came across….
1.Golapi Golapi
2.Tharki Mahatma
3.Quizbull Mujahideen

 The coordinators of this fabulous event were Bidit Mohanty and Subhasish Tripathy.

Special credits to Biswaranjan Acharya, the Literary Secretary for organizing such an extravaganza, 'Litreat'. 

Special thanks : CETQuizzite

Photo Credits: CET Photofactory

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