Thursday, 1 January 2015


By: Dibyasha Mohanty

By:Pooja Pattnaik                                                                                           

It’s time to stand alone and watch,
The beauty of the nature……
The mysteries of emotions in life…
The positivity and negativity absorbed.

It’s time to walk along steadily,

Feeling the silence in the noisy crowd,
Sensing the dominance of right over wrong,
Knowing the difference between reality and dream

It’s time to move on from the past,
To accept the truth and face it....
Understand the rules of fate and destiny,
And join the broken pieces of the heart!

It’s time to get over what has happened,
To give up for someone else’s happiness,
To let go and free him from all ties….
To accept the situation and live ahead of it.

It’s time of another new year…
Time to rise up again…
To lead through the difficulties,
To fight against all odds..
To remove all sorrows and be happy…

Happy New Year!

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