Sunday, 25 January 2015

'Interviewed'-Santanu Sen

By: Jessica Mohapatra
With GATE 2k15 round the corner we bring to you the interview of  an alumni from Electrical Engineering batch of 2011, Mr Santanu Sen who had not only achieved a spectacular AIR of 33 in GATE  in his very first chance but also achieved this unbelievable feat in 20 days(Shocking aint it!!).Santanu Sir is back to CET as a faculty after completing his Mtech from IIT Delhi.He is a very cool teacher who is also a virtuoso in playing the Tabla.Lets see what he has to say....

Jessica :Hello sir....Firstly..tell us something about yourself..
Santanu Sir:Hey..I am a resident of Bhubaneswar,I passed out from CET in 2011 from Electrical Engineering branch..I have done my Mtech in Power system from IIT Delhi.I have a 3rd year degree in playing the tabla and I also love social networking..

Jessica :How was CET then and what are the changes now???
Santanu Sir:(with his eyes twinkling) Ahh...now CET is 2 storeys more (laughs) well in our time we had our labs close to Workshop,now you all have an entire lab building for yourself..the Canteen now has more variety though the area still seems the very same...Good to see that the bank is still the same though..

Jessica :(smiles too) Tell us something about your GATE exam??
Santanu Sir:I got a rank of 33.....I prepared for only 20 days for GATE...

Jessica :(with an incredulous look on her face...)Really...just 20!!!??
Santanu Sir:Ya really ...me and my friend we used to have group discussions ..we studied together for GATE..I got through as a fresher..I remember that on 7th Jan, 7th Sem ended ..we had TCS on 14th and 15th Jan ,I got through TCS..I was relieved then came the 20days to success 
...(GATE was on 13th Feb)...and the rest is all history..

Jessica :(still astonished) sir just in a mere 20 days ..you got GATE ..your concepts must be brilliant..
Santanu Sir:No nothing like that (humbly..) it was pure luck and smart planning.

Jessica :Sir,did you go to any coaching??
Santanu Sir:No I didnt ,it is all about self preparation and getting your concepts right..you do not need coaching..we had excellent faculty back then..yeah the PanchMurti was still there...(Readers take note..Panch Murti are the 5 pillars of Electrical Engineering-Ranjan sir,Bagharty sir,Meera Maam,Satpathy Sir and Abhimanyu sir)

Jessica :Sir tell us something about your'20 days to success' Mantra in GATE..
Santanu Sir:(Laughs loudly)I feel that Group Discussion is very important..Me and my friend used to meet everyday(for 20 days) at 10 am and we used to study till 6:30 pm continuously ,we used to study the subjects randomly but whatever be the subject we used to complete it thoroughly .You need to study the subjects intelligently so we saw the last few years question paper and studied only the important subjects like..EM,Control System,Power Electronics ,Power systems and left out the less important subjects like AEC,DEC and MPMC and to my luck only one question from MPMC was there in my paper ..so I scored a 64% when the highest in my time was 74%.

Jessica :What about sleep you must have completely given up on it...
Santanu Sir:Nah not really...sleep was the only thing we did..we studied from 10 in the morning till 6 in the evening...we made sure that we had adequete rest..

Jessica :Tell us somethng about your IIT Delhi interview..and how were you felicitated in college for such a phenomenal feat...
Santanu Sir:When we  were shortlisted for IIT Delhi..I was fretting that they would grill me with tough questions but they didnt ask me tough Qs atall...they asked me about my family background and thats about all...and about felicitation ..I was given cash prize and certificate... Is my biggest achievement till date..

Jessica :What were you doing before you joined CET?
Santanu Sir:Before this I was an assistant professor in Silicon College....and then I got through CET and returned to my Home-Turf.

Jessica :What are things that could bring in more Grandeur to CET?
Santanu Sir:I feel that the academics has to be streamlined..labs need to have more facilities..But the greatest power is the Alumni Power..if someone qualifies from CET that brings great name and fame to a college..

Jessica :First on one side of the Dais(as a student) and now on the other side of the Dais(as a teacher)...on which side is the grass greener...
Santanu Sir in college
Santanu Sir:Well I respect my teachers and dont have courage to speak to the Panchmurti...even now...I feel that as a teacher we should be giving and give to our next generation what our generation did not get..

Jessica :Novel thought Sir....Dont you feel jealous that today's CETian gets so many activities to be a part of like Sports,Amuza (Dramatics) ,Photofactory or even CET Rising...what do you have to say??
Santanu Sir:(this time chuckles)..well its good that we have got so many activities now..I really like to see the photos of CET Photofactory and  I follow CET Rising articles..I can see the achievement of my batchmates there..the activities are good maintenance by CET students..

Jessica :What is the one thing that CET can implement to become world-class?
Santanu Sir:CET should definitely take it's students to excursions industrial visits and exposure makes our knowledge wider..In IIT Delhi we used to go to NLDC and NTPC...that should be done in CET..

Jessica :Thankyou Sir for giving us your valuable time..it was pleasure talking to you Sir..
Santanu Sir:You are welcome..(with a pleasant smile on  his face)


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