Thursday, 22 January 2015


By: Dibyasha Mohanty

They can enslave inanimate machines with their ambidextrous hands, they can negotiate with stubborn metals and paraphernalia. They can heat the ambiance with their coolness. They solve elusive complications with an evasive yet dependable smile, maintaining that air of confidence which gives you a punch in the gut. No points for guessing, they are the maverick mechanical folks!
The official logo of ASME ,CET
       And now the potters have yet another feather to their cap, by opening the ASME Student’s Chapter in College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar. After months of combined perseverance and strenuous toil, the mechanical engineering students of CET have established a club that aims to specialize in automobiles, machinery, designing and all aspects of modern-day engineering. To clear up the ambiguity, if any, I am talking about the American Society of Mechanical Engineers that is a not-for-profit organisation which enables collaboration ,knowledge-sharing and skills development across all engineering disciplines. 
Spreading across 150 countries with more than 140,000 members, it is deemed as a prestigious association for engineers worldwide.

Setting the foundation of a brilliant journey ahead, the  esteemed Principal , Departmental HODs ,Mechanical department faculty, and student ASME members of CET assembled for the inauguration ceremony of ASME CET-B Student’s Chapter in the conference hall. The event  commenced with the lighting of the auspicious lamp by the Principal, Professor Lokanath Panda ,Mechanical Head of Department Dr. Rati Ranjan Dash, President of ASME CET-B, Mr. Bidit Mohanty , Student Chair  Mr.Siddharth Rishi Pattnaik and  Student Vice-chair Mr. Sohan Sarangi.This was followed by an impressive speech by the  office bearers of the club, Mr. Bidit Mohanty and Mr.Siddharth  Pattnaik, explaining the aims, objectives and significance of ASME Student Section.
Later the logo of the club was unveiled amidst sonorous applause of the faculty and students.The riveting anchoring of Manish and Baisakhi kept the audience glued to the proceedings on the stage. Eventually, there was a comprehensive presentation regarding the agenda of the club and its relevance to CET ,which concluded with an appeal to the faculty for their valuable guidance.The event  concluded with the giving out of certificates to the elected members  by Dr.Rati Ranjan Dash.
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”And, even the longest journey begins beneath your feet. By setting up a students’ section of ASME in  CET ,the members look forward to a promising expedition on the path of excellence and evolution in engineering, and of course, ”setting the standard” meanwhile.

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