Thursday, 29 January 2015

Everything from MBA, UPSC to Start-Ups : Alumni Speak!

By: Amlan Patnaik

The day marked the presence of our Alumni : Vishwajeet Mahapatra and Sagarika Nath.
It was an extremely kind gesture from the Alumni , who decided to drop to the college to interact with the existing students, who otherwise live in Hyderabad and Delhi respectively.

CETians were in for a productive alumni interaction session. 2 notable alumni of the college enlightened students on entrepreneurship and explained how ideas can be churned out to crystallise into concrete business plans. Viswajeet Mohapatra (Batch of 2009) ,Sagarika Nath (Batch of 2010) a were there to share their experience in the corporate world, as well as the world of competitive exam preparations. 

Vishwajeet Mahapatra is an alumnus of the batch of 2009 (I&E) and was the convenor of Cetadel for his final two years in CET. Currently working at Novartis Healthcare, he has 4 years of experience in the pharmaceutical Industry as a market forecaster. Other than quantifying tangible and intangible market factors to arrive at strategic and tactical business decisions at work place, he juggles between his multiple roles as a content writer for an upcoming cricket website, an outdoor leader at an adventure club, volunteering for various social causes and cementing the building blocks of his startup Educrowdfund.

Ms. Sagarika Nath is an alumnus of Electrical Engineering , Batch of 2010. She shared her experiences of college life , and how she went forward on her preparations for Civil Services Examinations. She emphasized the importance of starting early and keeping a focused approach towards the goals. She has written for the UPSC-Mains this year and is hopeful of tasting success! 

The students benefited a lot from this and their questions were exhaustively answered. Mr. Viswajeet Mohapatra, discussed a few novel ideas with an enthusiastic audience, who hold an abiding interest in entrepreneurship. He mentioned, the importance of exploring the world around and getting out of the routined life Ms. Sagarika Nath shared some tips for Civil Service Preparations and answered a few questions from the audience effectively. All in all, it was quite a productive session and everyone learnt a lot.

CET looks forward to a lot of similar sessions in the coming future. The experience and knowledge the Alumni carry , gives an immense boost of morale and confidence to the existing students to dream higher and reach them as well. We would also take this opportunity to request Alumni of the college, to give us a nudge at cetalumni@cet.edu.in , incase you are in Bhubaneswar and would love to share your experiences! :)

(Written by Arghya Patnaik and Amlan Patnaik)

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