Monday, 12 January 2015

Defend Thy Character

By: Sidhant Sourav

[Guided by Sradha Suman Mahapatra]


What could be a better Way to kick start the new year than 7 Days of power-packed literary events???

LITREAT- as the name suggests, lived up to its name and promise in its inaugural edition last year! But as the CETian tradition goes, we strive for perfection. The second edition LITREAT-2k15, has begun on a very promising note and looks like it will outshine the previous one.

The Game Begins!!!

Defend Thy Character, an innovative and fun competition to take part and also to view as an audience. You get a day to live your favourite character, the one you have been looking up to, as an inspiration or the one you adored! With a very creative scoring pattern the event proved to be a perfect platform for the enthusiastic orators from the college. 

Participants: Some Listening, Some Rehearsing!!

On 12th January 2k15, the event began at around 2pm in the noon. I wonder why they called me up at 1pm. Jokes Apart, the characters that were taken up were actually amusing. From the mighty Chandragupta Maurya to the witty Sherlock, from the adoring Draupadi to the god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar, from the common man on earth to the wonder woman of the space-Kalpana Chawla; each one of them was under the scanner. Not to forget the guy who added the dark shades to the competition with Lord Voldemort coming into play. 

Heated Debates!!! And The Lady Nailed it!!

The Speeches were good, the counter- attacks even better and questionnaire from the jury was the icing on the cake.It was an enthralling contest for the participants but amusing as a viewer. Tinctures of humour were added every now and then which made the contest equally engrossing. Heated discussions too came into play as participants were hell-bent in defending their respective characters. 

Specially with characters like the Captain Cool MS Dhoni, Voldemort, questions and heated debates were an oh so obvious matter. After a gruelling but at the same time, amusing verbal war, our special panel of jury comprising of Srimant Sir, Srikumari mam and Rohitaksh bhaiya from XIMB, our very own CET Alumni selected our champions(every participant was a champion in a way) , or maybe I should say the survivors, as they faced a tide of questions !

Our Jury : Testing the contestants to the limit!

Though it was the wonder woman from the space who stole the show, oh i forgot, the winner stays in the Kalpana Chawla Hall of Residence as well. Kudos to Payal Rout!!

So here they are:
1.  Payal Rout representing Kalpana Chawla
2. Manish Behera representing Chandragupta Maurya
3. R.S Devi Prasad who represented the common man
Following the line were Yogesh Kumar, Anirban Pati and Biswanath Nanda!

Congratulations to all the winners and the participants. Stay tuned for the upcoming events!

The Team Behind the Amazing Show!!

Pic Courtesy: CET PhotoFactory 


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