Monday, 26 January 2015

An Encounter With Death!

By: Team PenTastic
By Pratikshya Satpathy

In silence it creeps,
So chill, so wild.
Felt through the soundless weeps,
As horror of a stillborn child.

Every night i meet with you,
Every morning you fake me.
You make me believe in you,
And the next day it seems like a lie when you wake me.

I see, you make lives easy,
For some you make it terrible.
The thought of you coming to me makes me queasy,
But isn't believing in you so much sensible.

To me you seem to be the only existing truth,
Lies, there are too many utter.
When you reach me, you will only soothe,
My soul patiently waits to have an encounter.

An encounter with you would make me realize life,
Such a thing of importance wasted so nice.
Death why you are so hard to achieve!
When you are the best thing, I would wish to happen twice.

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