Tuesday, 23 December 2014


By: Team PenTastic
 written by Vivek Vikas Pattanaik,4th year BT

Making it rain with tears and downpour,
Checking my phone every hour.
Is not something that suits me,
For I’m a man filled with power.

With so many things to do,
Can’t really wait for that hour.
Where people will start talking too,
And not see me sound rude.

I don’t know what went wrong,
That people lay alone.
With their heads sunk into their phone,
But not actually calling anyone!

It’s just okay to call,
Better still, to meet them all.
All your friends and family,
And not wait for someone’s party!

I see the elders,
Meeting and calling,
But as a young adult,
It’s all falling.

Falling to our own senses,
We only speak in different tenses.
Not enjoying things at the moment,
Rather clicking pics looking innocent.

 I fear I sound rude,
But that’s your problem dude.
I’m merely seeking to meet or call,
Instead of talking to stonewalls.

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