Sunday, 14 December 2014

This z my story

By: Team PenTastic
{editing by Jessica Mohapatra}

This is a very beautiful and heart wrenching piece ,written by Ekta Mohanty , 4th year, I&E



thank you...thank you so much for whatever happened.....

thank you so much for whatever pain I endured......

thank you so much for all the mistakes I made,

thanks for everything that went wrong.

Thanks for every bad thing that happened to me, every single moment of pain, anger and frustration and every drop shed from my eyes.

Your not wanting me was the beginning of my wanting myself more and more,

Your rejection was the advent of me being embraced by myself.

Thanks to you, I explored the 'me' I never knew had existed.

Your not putting faith in me was the beginning of me believing in 'me'.

Now I am complete.....
I know my strengths,

I know my flaws

I know what I enjoy and what I dislike.

I am no more afraid of my scars and do not hide them anymore.

I am audacious, courageous and outrageous..

I know what I am.

I know how to say no and how to let go...

I know what it all takes to invest in relationships.

Thanks for the experience you gave me...
What else could be more blissful for me than knowing me and investing more in myself?

What could be more hilarious for me than freeing my soul from all the worries and imposed restrictions?

What could be more adventurous for me than to have overcome my fear and to have explored new heights of courage?

Thanks for making me a free bird......

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