Friday, 19 December 2014

The Review:Chanakya's Chant

By: Team PenTastic
{editing by Jessica Mohapatra}

Written by Tarun  Kumar

In the times where the books from the West tend to gain applause from the new-age story seekers and readers; Ashwin Sanghi’s 'The Chanakya’s Chant' burgeons to be a Welcome change. The novel is his second writing endeavor and true to being Indian, the book preserves the tinge of Indian essence (a lacunae in the western writings). While at the same time providing an enthralling, mysterious, adventurous and intellectual storyline. The story is ingeniously plotted with overlapping anecdotes of past and present. Each page creating an aura of it's own, compelling you to turn to the next page. A creation supplemented with rigorous background research, the book prevails to be a Magnum Opus, incredibly conceived and written. The book is a testament of Ashwin’s unmatched astuteness.
The author’s description though studded with the right words preach in a passive tone. (That’s a little disappointing). Emotions are conveyed non-chalantly yet effectively. Moreover the author’s choice of words is a satiating delight for  the hungry readers

 Unlike the other thrillers, the protagonist of the book isn’t a handsome, captivating man with a sturdy built rather he is a repulsive looking Brahmin with pock-marked face, wide gapped teeth, and dark skin.

Born to a family that had never seen better  days, Gangasagar(yeah the name is hilarious!) soon finds out that his destiny lies not in chants and hymns but in holding the reigns of  the nation. Having mastered the art of Economy from his employer, he sets out to shape the politics of the country following in the footsteps of the legendary mastermind Chanakya.

He is cold and calculating, calm and sinister and the ingenious mastermind behind each perceived move. He adopts malevolent, nefarious and unholy practices to achieve his vow. Compassion is a weakness he can’t afford in his treacherous voyage to power, politics and people.  Lives are destroyed, governments are trampled, politicians are screwed. Allies are deceived, enemies are neutralized as he unfolds his Pandora’s box of action. 
He is the reincarnation of the scholar and master strategist Chanakya, the kingmaker.

The story line trails back and forth  2300 years... from the present to the past  bringing the reader into sipid and interesting time lapses unraveling the gory and immoral aspects of Chanakya backed with a higher rational reasoning. Formerly known as Vishnugupta, he christens himself on the pyre of his father as chanakya-son of chanak and vows to vanquish the king and his dynasty who had caused the gory execution of his beloved father and his exile . With unabated and unquenched thirst of vengeance, he grows into a renowned scholar respected and feared equally for his knowledge and deceit. He is an intellectual genius.

“A debt should be paid off till last panna, and an enemy destroyed till the very last trace”  being his ethereal chant, he starts an arduous expedition to unite the country against the Macedonian invasion and articulately plans and executes his deceptions leaving nothing to chance. He creates a legacy, a magnum opus legacy that would be the stepping stones to the bitter game play of politics for the future generation to come…

Will Gangasagar, the modern chanakya be victorious in his pursuit to shape a united India? Would he be able to play on his enemies and allies to notch his target? What is the kernel intuition behind the risk laden political play?


 The answer lies unravelled in the Chanakya’s Chants…….




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