Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Shop Till You Drop!

By: Pratikshya Satpathy

“And it was for the fourth time in a row she had asked me, ‘Are you sure, these bellies would do just fine? I mean the one am getting it for is a bit plump and quite fair. Would it suit for multiple occasions? Should I seriously go with it? Or should I browse through some more choices?”

If you are wondering what I am babbling about then here is a bit from the chat I had with my friend Sradha. Interestingly, these ideas struck us moments after we were done talking so much about shopping. Funny but true, girls and shopping can never come to an end.

Ever been to a shopping mall and then  what… your trolleys start overflowing with your never ending lists. And sometimes when sadly you run out of cash and credits you simply console your desires with window shopping!

Even sometimes when we can’t have it all in our wardrobes, the most sought out rescue for most of us  is online shopping. We girls simply get happy while sprinting through the pages of Jabong, Myntra, Fashionandyou, Stalkbuylove, snapdeal and a lot more….
The most favourite period of the time in the year is during festivals when the stores come up with sale. Sale upto XYZ%, Flat XYZ% Off, Rupees X99, Rupees X55 are the wonder tags we die for when we go out shopping. These tags make us feel that we can fill our bags till we drop.    
Ah! The best thing that can happen! 
                                                                                                                                         Shopping and girls share a typical equation. Howsoever bankrupt we can’t compromise with our dresses n clutches…stilettos n sunglasses. And makes it worse is spoilt over choices! We girls can never settle for one!  We simply can’t!  

Now if I keep talking about it, it will never end. So I better stop and go for some… SHOPPING! With Christmas and New Year around, break the shackles. Go Free…Happy Shopping!


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