Sunday, 21 December 2014

Cheer Up

By: Team PenTastic
{edited by Jessica Mohapatra}

Written by Vivek  Vikas  Pattnaik ,4th year BT.

You cry at night when no one's awake,

You wish you could spend some time by the lake.

You roam around the streets alone,

Going all the way on your own.

People look at you and pass a smile,

For you're wearing low-waist jeans and a funny hairstyle.

You dream to be with someone,

Someone special, but you find none.

You look for someone to share,
All your love and how much you care.
About the one you want, is not there,
As she loves somebody else, out there.

Move on and forget her man,
You can do things as much as you can.
But she's my friend I can't forget,
The way we were and still ahead.

Life is big, give it a break,

Stop being sad and cheer up Vivek.

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