Monday, 1 December 2014

Battle for Excellence: RoboZia & Codebusters

By: Sidhant Sourav

The official Poster!!

This club possesses a unique trait; to put up a better show with every passing year!! With the terror of the semesters being prevalent in the college, things seemed tough...but a dedicated team of Zairza members and enthusiastic juniors defied the odds and put up a great show. The atmosphere in the SAC was electric

Curious minds--strategy time!!!

Now two events were organised for the newbies of the college,namely, the RoboZia and the Codebusters!! The Robozia being a competition of the manual bots, controlled by a remote!!(with or without relay) And the codebusters being an opportunity for the geeks to solve the problem statements..

The Manual Bot--Warriors of the Battle!

Massive participation took place and a large number of bots didn't even survive this herculean race. The bots were tested on marbles, sand, fire and many more.

Watch your Step!!! The trophy might slip away like the bot!!

The next segment "Codebusters" was intense and brain-teasing!! It was a two-level competition, with the prelims shortlisting the pick of the lot, and the finale was even more fascinating as the coders really had to churn their brains!!! And after the gruelsome duel of the geeks, emerged the winning team- ByteMe!!

The Last Bot Standing!! Moksh!!!

Such events and participation are always a welcome sign for the club and the college. We look forward to an action-packed New Year with Perception-2k15 and Xtasy15 on their way!!!

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