Saturday, 1 November 2014


By: Team PenTastic

By: Dibyasha Mohanty

‘One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors’-these  veracious words of Plato have stood the test of time to serve as a grim reminder  of the prevalent political scenario of India.

A brief thought about the topic takes us to memory of bloody,violent mobs  marching  down the streets with banners and  sonorous slogans.But such a constrained view is not that of politics but a polluted, deliberately misguided version of it.To all those archaic opponents of student politics,I have one question to ask-If not students ,then who?Are you indifferent enough to surrender the fate of the nation to shivering hands of those who barely have a decade of their life left?If your answer  is in the affirmative,then I have one thing to say to those stone deaf ears,’People get the government they deserve’.Do not complain of state inaction and ministerial apathy if you yourself could not take the pain of figuring out the adept political schools of thought which have potential to pull the nation out of the ruts.
The hapless episode of Prof Sabharwal in Ujjain in 1980s and many such instances of callousness by  expedient student bodies deviate us from the bigger picture of politics.We need to acknowledge the suitability of  young minds in politics keeping in mind the  updated and comprehensive view of history,civics and geography of the nation  students have right after stepping out of school.At that stage they not only have the zeal to prove their mettle but also the drive to rectify things in society that affect them in the long run(reservations,communal politics,male chauvinism,for instance).
The pioneers of the Indian Constitution advocated  and legalised student  participation in elections which form  the most important political activity in the country.If so,then how do we expect students to remain good way off from politics while lecturing them to vote ahead of elections?
No points for guessing that in life,an absolute view does exist.So there comes the need to make such student involvement abuseproof against power-craving,avaricious student leaders enrolled as pets to local political parties.They have nothing to do with student welfare or political awareness.The Supreme Court order based on recommendations of Langdoh  commitee, laying down the guidelines for student union elections is a step in the right direction.Mandating  75% attenance for candidates and banning printed posters,open jeeps not only limits the political atmosphere of academic campuses but also ensures that student politics concentrates in genuine student  issues and finds relevant solutions to problems instead of aggravating the dilemma further.


The economic  crisis  with its sea of consequences namely  unemployment,corruption,crony capitalism calls for birth of conscious ans conscientious  leaders,not a  Modi wave.An active participation in politics by one and all,is the call of the day.And participation is not limited to standing in elections;it necessitates the will to stand for what is right.Besides,imagine our plight if our past leaders had shunned politics as dirty and pursued  self-yielding careers as British ‘babus’.


  1. awesome!!

    U may hate some politicians but shouldn't politics

  2. awesome!!

    U may hate some politicians but shouldn't politics...