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Knowing your alumni- Mr. Santosh Subudhi.

By: shiny choudhury

[Interview as taken by Mr. Ashutosh Mishra]

Meet Mr. SANTOSH SUBUDHI,  a  man driven by the  thirst for knowledge  and innovation. This awesome alum of ours had a clear  goal  of pursuing  a career  in R&D.  Lo and Behold ! He now works at the  prestigious  Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. He lives life to the fullest ,  loves photography  and  cycling long  distances.  Give this a read!  I’m sure everyone  is  going to  be as awestruck as  I was. 

Ashu : Hello again !!So shall we begin sir ?

Santosh Sir: Hello Ashutosh ! Yes.. let’s begin.

Ashu: For the sake of our readers , tell us which branch were you in , when at CET?

Santosh Sir: Electrical Engg. - 2007-2011.

Ashu:  That’s great ! Electrical students have always made a difference at CET. So what career did you have in mind when you were done with your B Tech ? Did you plan something all along?

Santosh Sir:  I wanted to pursue a career in research. I was very interested in areas like renewable energy, smart grids, etc

Ashu:  Did you target a particular destination  after B Tech ?

Santosh Sir:  Yes... I wanted to do M.Tech.I also planned to consider an engineering job profile in R&D.

Ashu:  Awesome ! So the road was set, wasn’t it !! You just had to traverse it :D

Santosh Sir:  Yeah... I had this clear idea what I wanted to do.

Ashu:  Give us an overview of the "  road to BARC  " ... The challenges and hurdles that you faced also the fun that you had! ?

Santosh Sir:  The subjects and syllabus for BARC written test is more or less similar to GATE. The most important aspect is to learn the core electrical engg.  subjects  nicely. Mostly  Network theory, and subjects in 5th and 6th sems. The most simplest way to learning any subject to the best is to ask 'Why' when you study it. I used to study Electrical Machine and bug myself with so many 'Why this and Why that' and whenever my mind denied to help me anymore I would bug my seniors .

Ashu: That is a  really, really important piece of message for every CETian .. in fact every student all over the world !! Now I can brag that I was the first one to hear it from you!!  Truly honored Sir.

Santosh Sir: Ha Ha ! Of course. It’s a pleasure.

Ashu:  Now let us take a peek into your personal life a little. How do you generally organize your day? Is there an everyday timetable that you keep?  Let’s hear about the one that you kept during your college days.

Santosh Sir:  I try hard to keep one!  And frankly I had no such thing as timetable in college! But I’ll tell you what all activities kept me busy!

Ashu: Let’s hear ‘em then!!

Santosh Sir:  During first year i was a very sincere class room attending guy! Then came 2nd year.. There was too much more to do.. I was working on my technical communication skills and started participating in paper presentation events in various tech fests along with my partner. We won most of them.
Then came 3rd year we came in contact with Dharani bhai (Dharanidhar Dang).

Ashu:  Oh yes !! DD bhai !!!

Santosh Sir:  Yes. After some mind boggling and brain storming sessions we( Hrushikesh Meher and Biswanath Dehuri) came with an idea to design a system which won us a 2nd place in Innovation Challenge , 2009 by Schneider Electric.

Ashu:  OMG !! Really!!...... Hats off sir !!! And how was your final year?

Santosh Sir: Final year... we still had the hangover of creating something really innovative and Cool.
One day we were talking with one of our mentors and in a casual discussion he pointed out on the AC and told us (me, Biswanath and Hrushikesh- HK). So he said 'these ACs are monsters and drink away most of our electricity'.  Just a day before this discussion i had seen a video on youtube about a kind of solar dish which had a small engine called a stirling engine which can provide rotational motion when in sunlight and suddenly we had this idea... why not run these ACs using a sterling engine...And this formed our topic for Innovation challenge 2010...This time we dint have DD. But we had enough experience and motivation to go on.

Ashu:  This is really impressive sir !! I mean ..coming together of like  minded people to put together their ideas !! The end product comes out really beautiful !!

Santosh Sir:  yes... that’s so true. This was the most memorable part of my B Tech.

Ashu: So who do dedicate all of your success that you got in your life to ??

Santosh Sir:  My parents! I have seen them struggling so much to make ends meet. They have always been my inspiration in my low times. Of course there is no denying the fact that I have really great people (my friends and some seniors) around me when in college and I would be nowhere without there company They (Parents) are the best among the gifts given by GOD.

Ashu:  Indeed ! My immense respects to them sir ....and to all parents all over the world !
So as an alum of CET , what changes do you think should have happened ? Improvements that you think should have taken place?

Santosh Sir: As far as I see, the college is a much better place than it was in our times. However, I still don’t see any initiative happening on research front...
I feel more exposure should be given to students right from the very beginning (1st year).
It can be made possible by a combined effort of alumni(who are pursuing Masters and PhDs) and professors.
In my time students, didn't  have access to scientific journals,
something  which we really needed.
This should be the no.1 agenda.
Ashu: Exactly !! That would fire up the essence of research !!

Santosh Sir: Once this is done alumni working in different areas can suggest and mentor the current students with good projects in 3rd and 4th year.
And all this if done properly, a student can not only get a flare of research in his college days but that would enable him take a well informed decision about his career.

Ashu:  3rd years and forth years can then get an edge that they are in dire need of .
Your words are truly mesmerizing sir !

Santosh Sir: Thanks for the complement... This is something I have been trying to put forth since a long time now... but thanks to your initiative,   it‘ll be heard.

AshuOn a lighter note ... what are your hobbies ?

Santosh Sir:  In college days.. I was sucker for novels.
Currently, I love photography.. and of course my fav - Cycling
last month I completed 1200 kms. of riding in last 6 months
Mumbai's weather and landscapes are great for cycling.
Ashu: Woaah !! This is huge !!! So in short ... Life now is totally amazing huh??

Santosh Sir : Yeah! ... I m loving it .

Ashu: Would you like to give a last word advice to our excited CETians out there ?

Santosh Sir: Yes! Keep up the excitement!
Learn what it takes to be a true engineer! Be open to everything! Try all that you can.
Be it the subjects or the hobbies, be part of different clubs and most important Create something, no matter what! Believe me that’s what will give you real happiness
All the best guys

Ashu: I’m sure the future aspirants of a great future will read this and keep this in their mind throughout their life !
It has been an immense pleasure interviewing you sir !! I will carry this sense of pride for the rest of my life. Do forgive me sir if I have erred in any way during this interview .Thank you so much for the time you gave us. It has been a delight talking with you

Santosh Sir: They have my best wishes
It was my pleasure too! I am really
excited about the present generation of CET ....
I’ m sure the best days of CET are ahead..

You have done a good  job.

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