Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Campus Bichitra: An Event by All India Radio

By: Team PenTastic
[Written by: Tanuja Pattnaik]

With internals and semesters lined up this month, CETians seem to be in frenzy, going through notes and last minute discussions about important topics with friends. But nothing can stop them from putting up a good show when it comes to extra-curricular activities. Even with the tension of exams on their heads, they always perform spectacularly.

                The All India Radio, Cuttack organised a few cultural events for the students under the head of Campus Bichitra. It emphasised on the display of the talents of the students. The events organised by them covered a wide range of activities, including singing, poetry recitation, story telling, humorous skit and many more.

                The events started at around 4 p.m. in the orientation hall. The hall was packed with students, eager to participate in the events. It began with the poetry recitation event where students recited poems in Odia and Hindi. Around 7-8 people recited beautifully composed poems in both languages.

                Next came the event of singing. Almost 15 students sang various songs in both Odia and Hindi. With their captivating voices, they enthralled the audience for more than an hour.

                Story telling too was a big hit with Yogesh Kumar indulging the audience with a witty story and his animated way of speaking.

                Well, when there is a talk about humour, no CET humour is complete without Ajoy Bhai. His mono act about a scene involving bollywood stars in CET made everyone roll with laughter.

                The last activity was a mock interview where the students were asked about technical education, its importance and the career aspects of various departments.

                The entire set of activities, which was recorded for the purpose of telecast was concluded with a talk by our very own Srimant Sir, where he spoke about the college, its history and so much more.

                So, everyone tune in to AIR, Cuttack on your radio sets on Thursday, the 20th at 5:30 p.m. and listen to the show JubaBani. Stay tuned!

Photo Courtesy: CET Photofactory

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