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Unity in our Comm'unity'!

By: Team PenTastic

By: Nimisha Acharya and Aayushi Jajodia

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, also known as the Iron Man of India was one of the unsung heroes of our freedom struggle. To commemorate his birth anniversary on 31st October, the government has declared this day as the National Unity Day or the Rashtriya Ekta Diwas. On this occasion, all the colleges and universities of the country have organized a series of programmes like poster making, debate and marathon. Similarly the NSS wing of our college, in collaboration with Cetadel conducted an oratory competition on the eve of his birth anniversary. The topic was “Unity, Safety and Security in Nation Building.”

The event was hosted by Subhrajit Kumar (3rd year) and coordinated by Biswaranjan Acharya (4th year). The judge was none other than Srimant sir, the coordinator of Cetadel. It saw an enthusiastic participation from many students from different branches, especially 1st years. The main purpose of this event was to make our students aware of what is going on in our country, as awareness is the first step to security. Questions were also asked about the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan as it is closely related with the work performed by the NSS. The audience had conflicting views regarding this. Some considered this as a good initiative while some others considered it as a voting ploy of Narendra Modi.

The oratory event lasted for about one and a half hours. Every student got 3 and half minutes to put forward their views. The participants were talented and confident enough and presented their ideas well. They spoke about unity in diversity, harmony among different religions, caste and creed, safety for women and children and security which are the main components for building a nation. They were judged on three main criteria: content, body language and cohesion.

The winners of this event were as follows:
1st prize – Abhijeet Tripathy (3rd year, CSE)
2nd prize – Samidha Ratho (2nd year, Electrical)
3rd prize – Debasish Sarangi and Vinayatosh Aman Panigrahi (1st year, Electrical)

The coordinators of NSS and Cetadel conducted the event smoothly and provided a great platform to the students to hone their oratory skills. Big thanks to them for organizing this event. And a special thanks to the CET Photofactory team – Prayas Abinash, Lipak Kumar Sahoo, K.K. Pal, Bishal Kumar Hembram, Aditya Kumar Singh and Prakash Kumar Tudu!!


“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

On the event of Sardar Vallabbhai Patel’s birthday, that is, the 31st of October, celebrated all over the country as “National Unity Day”, a small but effective marathon followed by a cleanliness drive took place. The whole event was organised by the NSS and it was preceded by an Oratory and a poster making competition, held in collaboration with the NSS in C.E.T., the previous day. The noble cause took place inspired by “The Swacchh Bharat Nirmaan Abhiyan”  proposed by the Hon Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi.
Pre- Event preparations started at around 7:30. About 70-80 students had volunteered up for the co-ordination work. An ambulance was summoned in case there was any medical emergency. The place was well-decorated and the posters of the poster-making competition were put up. It was also ensured that there were adequate supplies of glucose and biscuits available so as to make sure that none of the participants became dehydrated.

The enthusiastic bunch of people started turning up at 8:00 and the program kick-started at around 8:30 with the Principal of C.E.T., Sir S.P. Mohanty delivering a key speech emphasizing on the purpose of the meet.  After this, the Principal administered a “Rashtriya Ekta Diwas pledge” to all the people present there vowing to dedicate themselves to preserving the unity, integrity and security of the nation. This was followed by the ribbon-cutting ceremony which signified the inauguration of the event.  And, hence began the mini- marathon!

The turn-out was huge, as an average of about 350 students took part in this event. Amongst the list of participants were included some 8-10 eminent faculty members including the principal, himself. The marathon started from the college and through Naka Gate, the students reached Khandagiri. The marathon included a group of young enthusiasts who were running and another group of participants who “Walked For A Cause”, spreading awareness about the importance of cleanliness. The volunteers and the co-ordinators saw to it that traffic was not hindered. It was after reaching Khandagiri that, the winners of the marathon, as well as the previously held oratory and poster-making competitions were declared and commemorated. Here the cleanliness drive was implemented. Starting with the Khandagiri and Udaygiri caves, the procession took it upon themselves to clean the roadside as well as the tourist spot nearby. The whole process took up about one and a half hours in the end of which all the participants and workers were given food packets. The whole thing took place smoothly, and fortunately, the ambulance was not needed. The CET Photofactory team, the official photography club of CET, were actively involved throughout the event and were well effective in capturing the whole event in lens. The media was also present, and a live coverage of the whole event took place. At about 10:30, the students returned back to the college in the college bus.

And, this is how the program concluded. It was undoubtedly a very successful one. It sent a powerful message across its spectators today and that is “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. We would look forward to more of such events happening in our college in the future.

Photos Courtesy: CET Photofactory

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