Thursday, 30 October 2014

Street foods of Bhubaneswar

By: Team PenTastic

The street food outlets are the best places to hang out at any time of the day.  The food is desi and desirable and yes, too hard to resist. Here I list down the most popular of the lot.

1. Gupchup

Spicy, savory crisp spheres filled with mashed potatoes and onions and tamarind soup, tickles the taste buds of on lookers. Easily available and affordable gupchup is the most sought after amongst the street delicacies.
BEST PLACE TO EAT: Though each vendor crafts it with a unique flavor, but the ones near R.D. College and Big Bazaar deserve special mention.

2. Dahi Bara

Yummy brown baras dipped in thick creamy yoghurt blended with rich tangy potato curry with onion, coriander and pepper toppings are extremely appetizing and irresistible.
BEST PLACE TO EAT: Tiffin stall near Ram mandir, unit 3.

3. Rolls:

Rolls comprise chunks of fried chicken, paneer cubes or mushroom mixed with roasted vegetables and onions rolled along butter bread. A rage among the foodies, hot steamy rolls are pure bliss.
BEST PLACE TO EAT: Roll Darbar, near Ravi Talkies has been serving delectable assortment of rolls for more than decades.

4. Chaat:

A plate of aromatic chaat is the most dramatic of all. Spicy yet sweet, hot and delicious, a vibrant mix of sliced pink onions, blood red tomatoes, bright green coriander and yellow papads is so tantalizing that the mere sight of it can set the hunger bells ringing. Papdi chat is the crunchier version of the usual one
BEST PLACE TO EAT: Near Inox, Shaheed Nagar

5. Chicken pakoda:

Roasted and fried chicken pieces served with grated onions, chilly and tomato sauce send non veg lovers to a trance. The meat is so soft and luscious that it melts your heart.
BEST PLACE TO EAT: Near Bapuji Nagar and Master Canteen

The hygiene and cleanliness of street foods are debatable but what’s a life spent resisting temptations! So go out with friends and indulge in the heavenly adventure of street foods!!!


  1. Dude, not judging your taste in food, but
    Chat-there r better places..
    roll-may be .. ok..
    gupchup- big bazar!!Seriously!!! whats wrong with you!
    chicken pakoda- DUde, roam around a lil bit more.. ;)
    dahi vara- Kill your self!!! _/\_
    :P :P

  2. Gup Chup - Big Bazaar is better now a days. You can also try the ones opposite Jalaram (Cuttack Road) and also Near Reliance Infocomm (Jai Durga Nagar Cuttack Road).