Sunday, 26 October 2014

Knowing your Alumni: Mr. Samarjit Patnaik

By: shiny choudhury

[Interview as taken my Mr. Deepak Rath]

With his favorite quote “If I can’t run, I will walk. If I can’t walk, I will crawl. But I will reach my destination.” you can surely guess the will-power he possess and the reason why he inspires and motivates juniors like us.
Presenting you the most amiable alumni I have ever come across in my life Mr. Samarjit Patnaik .The interview soon turned into a chat have a look……

Deepak Rath: Good Afternoon Sir. My name is Deepak and I am a student of 2nd year in CET Bhubaneswar.
Samarjit Patnaik: Hi. Good afternoon. How are you?

Deepak Rath: Fine....Hello sir, Are you ready??
Samarjit Patnaik: Oh which branch? Are you making me nervous...? Last time I had an interview 2 yrs. back for GE... Don’t ask tough questions. Jokes apart we can start now...

Deepak Rath:Ha Ha.... instrumentation & electronics.... and yours is great electrical s right....
Samarjit Patnaik: It was Electrical only, I hope they have not changed the name to great Electrical now-a-days.

Deepak Rath: He He... Well, to ease the tension let’s start with your hobbies...
Samarjit Patnaik: Well It changes with time I believe, recently it been photography (not pro) and traveling. 

Deepak Rath: Egypt right....
Samarjit PatnaikYes on official trip... but rather we go out with friends any nearby places on weekends.

Deepak Rath: Trips re always memorable....We would really like to know Sir, what has been your greatest motivation in life…?
Samarjit Patnaik: I feel it is always try to learn new things from people or places or any job you are working. Sometimes you feel that you know a lot and you meet some people so modest and yet so successful that it makes you grounded once again.

Deepak Rath: Sir you will remain an inspiration for all of us in CET......
Samarjit PatnaikRather I believe the way you people are determined these days, you can achieve better heights.

Deepak Rath: Coming to heights.... you started with B Tech in CET then studied in IIT and finally got a Job GE so you had a dream career with dream job so did you ever see it coming?
Samarjit Patnaik: I didn't plan it that way, but it happened to be. I appeared for GATE exams without much prep although, and was not sure about joining IIT. But after getting a good score I was in IIT. While in IIT, I came to know about GE (really). Then I was lucky to be selected for GE on first day.

Deepak Rath: Ha Ha Lucky…. no doubt this shows your modesty....
Samarjit Patnaik: Yes in some way. GE didn't recruit any one from our previous batch and also from our next batch.. So we were only the fortunate ones those year

Deepak Rath: Every success story has dots which are connected by leads, your thoughts on how CET played its part in your success story.
Samarjit Patnaik: Yes, that is true. It’s from prof and alumnus mostly motivate you to go for higher studies and all. And from connecting the dots, I got into GE for my B.Tech project as GE being more focused on Controls and my Masters project was on automotive.So everything plays a role at right time.

Deepak Rath: Like you are a motivation for all of us....
IIT atmosphere..... Great suspense.... your thoughts on it.... How it is different from CET.....??
Samarjit Patnaik:  I would say IIT atmosphere is very charging. It’s more focused and you get an opportunity for everything. You would certainly feel that you can solve anything within a given time, otherwise you will be made to the (assignments) CET is growing at its own pace, it will still take some time. Most importantly connecting to the practical domain is very exciting!

Deepak Rath: Having a dream job suggest that you had lots of highlights in your resume. Please share some of them.....
Samarjit Patnaik: My resume is very simple, not much to brag about other than good CGPAs and a circuit design competition in URzza (still not sure how we won it)

Deepak Rath: Sir, it was a nice time interacting with you …… meet you soon at our winter meets!
Samarjit Patnaik: Yes, nice talking to you too.. By far the lengthiest interview I had that too coming out without a new job. Jokes apart feel free to contact any time for any thing

Deepak Rath: Okay thanks... you remain our mentor for upcoming years....Bye....
Samarjit Patnaik: Have a good day!

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