Sunday, 19 October 2014

Knowing your alumni: Miss Marua Mohanty

By: shiny choudhury

1.      The whole CET fraternity is proud to have you as an alumnus of this institution. You have achieved great heights; you have pursued your MTech degree from India’s most renowned institution IIT Kanpur plus you are an employee of Caterpillar, world’s best manufactures of construction and mining equipment's. How would you describe your journey so far?

Hey!! Thank you Trishala!! :-)...But I wonder if I have achieved or done something as great as it sounds here!!...thank you once again...!!!
Umm...I express this journey of mine as enthralling as well as challenging!!!....I never thought of pursuing M.Tech and studying further until I stepped into my third year of engineering. Going to college, chitchatting with friends, killing time in canteen and bunking classes were the only things which I loved to do before 3rd Year. Then perhaps with a striking thought of ‘what-next-after-B.Tech’ changed my course and during this I suddenly started liking our subjects- thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer and fluid mechanics the most!! And then I felt an instant attraction towards M.Tech! I wrote the GATE paper in 4th year and scored descent to get a call from IIT Kanpur. I was interviewed by 5 professors there; I did study hard for this interview but I must say mere preparations can never be enough for these interviews!! Their questions are still questions for me! But it was an amazing interactive session with them and then I realised how important it is to be thorough with the basic concepts! Fortunately I got selected for the branch I was interested in...And then new campus, new friends, and an entirely new and amazing experience!!! CET is a very good college where state’s best students come to pursue engineering. Interacting with such intellectual mass helped in widening my knowledge. But studying in IIT is entirely different. Lustrous green campus, well paved and clean roads, all time active security, well maintained lecture halls, sophisticated labs, a huge library with online services to access a wide range of books, journals and electronic resources, Techkriti, Antaragni... in fact everything makes it a wonderful place to spend two years of your life!!  You would get to know what actually college life is!! Early in the morning I used to go to SAC to play badminton, then a healthy breakfast, attend lectures with a break for lunch in between...and then in evening go for swimming and finally study in library.  I feel blessed to have got an opportunity to explore IIT life. I remember the placement day. There were many ‘Firsts’ to experience (unlike the CET placement time) – Technical written round at 7 PM, GD at 11 PM, Personal Interview at 12 midnight, in which I was interviewed for almost an hour by a panel of 4 very fresh (remember it’s 12 midnight and they are still FRESH) tech experts of Caterpillar. And at 3 AM results were declared! I was surprised to see my name in the list (more so when there were only 2 names) J this is when I thought all my stars and planets were at the right places!! And now I’m an employee of Caterpillar. It’s a wonderful place to work, good & frank American work culture and most importantly I’m loving my work! :-))

2.      What are your qualifications?

I studied Mechanical Engineering in our college...:-).completed my BTech in 2011 and then I became an engineer officially!!. Then I pursued Masters in Fluid and Thermal Sciences from IIT Kanpur… received my graduation certificate in 2013.

3.      What were you like as a student? I believe you were among the studious bunch.

I seem to be studious...you know so innocent I look! ;) But I did enjoy my CET days a lot...we had a very nice group of FANTASTIC-4...Sucheta, Santwana, Sweekruti and me...all time crazy!! :D We bunked classes, passed on comments (I think u can understand!!) all crazy stuffs we used to do...and also we studied in group all the time... group study really worked wonders!! ...At IIT it was all different...the lectures were very interesting but no particular books to refer to. Initial days were no less than nightmares for me but gradually I started ‘Understanding’ their talks!! Library became my primary place in IIT!!...late night study with a cup of coffee had its own charm!!...

4.      Cracking GATE is, undoubtedly, like a dream for an aspirant who wishes to join such a reputed institution. Tell us how did you devote your time into preparing for GATE?

In 4th year I started preparing for GATE. I didn’t over burden myself. I planned and prepared a mini time table accordingly and made sure that I study every day at least for 3 hours. I enrolled for some test series to keep a track on my weaknesses and speed. Test series gives a scope to know your weak points, to work on them and to improve.

5.      College life, of course, is considered to be the best years of a student’s life. How would you describe your CET undergrad experience?

It’s an awesome experience. I mean for the first time in my life I could make so many friends....1st year was little boring…we hardly knew each other...everyone was either in ragging fear or in a mood to study hard and score good points!!...Eventually things changed...the second year picnic was the ice-breaking point in everyone’s life!! We gelled-up better than ever, became more enthusiastic. Birthday celebrations, get together-pay later or never! :P tried hands on every possible things during the tech fests and cultural fests, freshers’ night, farewell parties...and so many more...made our days fun filled and lively! I simply loved it!!...miss those days a lot!!...:-)

6.      Any particular faculty member/s that has/have helped you, mentored you or has inspired you?

All our professors were very nice with us...I am grateful to Saroj Pradhan Sir...I never bunked his class!! Every lecture of his was interesting...he always emphasised on higher studies and research oriented fields. Sudhansu Sahoo Sir is one of my all time favourite faculty members...He is genius yet so humble and simple...I was pretty confused to choose between IIT Delhi, Kanpur and Madras. He advised me to choose IIT Kanpur because  compared to other two it is the best institute for research work though it’s little tough and people  do feel an overhead boiling pressure cooker all the time. But it was a right decision as it was for me a life changing opportunity and helped in creating a valuable career path. CET with such wonderful faculty members aroused an interest in me for Mechanical Engineering subjects and studying further. And IIT gave me an Identity, and showed me what I am capable of doing! :-)

7.      We have, as you might know, various clubs established (such as zairza, CET rising, E-Cell and much more) in our college all of which have flourished well and good. Were you involved in any such clubs back then? How was scenario then?

Yes yes!!...I know about Zairza (robotics club) and CETadel (literature club) very well. I was never an official member of such clubs but had attended many classes of Zairza. Those were very interesting. Classes were being conducted after college hours, many of our senior bhais used to talk to us on both manual and automated bots... Within college, participation and involvement was huge but it lacked proper promotion. I mean now most of us know about these societies. I find so many videos, highlights, which were not there during our time. We lacked advertising and making people aware of CET talents! E-Cell & CET rising were not as active though.
8.      I reckon you have great interest in Indian classical dance that is odissi to be precise. Would you like to share your passion and achievements? Are there any other hobbies that you pursue?

Yeah I love to dance!! Mad about dance in fact!! J Never skip any chance to dance!! My first performance in CET was at the time of Urjaa a fest conducted by electrical engineering people. I danced on “meredholna sun from bhulbhulaiya” and then rechristened as Manjolika thereafter! :-@ I have learnt Odissi classical dance. Guru Sahadev Padhi sir taught me for almost 14 years. I have been Awarded Junior Scholarship from Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, Dept of Culture, Govt. of India and a title ‘special Category’ Child Artist-2000 in SIET (State Institute of Educational Technology), Orissa. I carry my Odissi dress and Ghungroo wherever I go. I even performed in Caterpillar on its ethnic day!!....I like experimenting with vegetables and spices in our kitchen!!... And love to travel with family…!!

9.      It’s a great thing for us to know that our alumni are placed at different firms and organizations. What is your take on the college-alumni association?

Many of my friends are well placed! They are quite satisfied with their job roles. College-alumni association is a great initiative to bring all of us closer. For instance, I was searching for one of my friends and luckily I got her number and address from the list of alumni uploaded in the portal. It’s a great help for us as well as for guys who are studying in our college currently. I also receive update mails from CET alumni association. I suppose some regional meets were organised but unfortunately I could not attend any till now. But please do let me know about your upcoming events so that I can plan accordingly and try my best to attend all.

10.   Lastly, what parting advice you would like to give to our students wanting a similar career path?
          I would just say that please follow your DREAMS…set “Stretch Goals”...LOVE what you do…it can be anything MTech, MBA or high profile jobs…or Entrepreneurship...anything which you WANT to do. Be Ambitious and I’m sure u will fly high!!!...:-))


  1. Marua is a great gal ! Congratulations

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