Thursday, 2 October 2014

ALACRITY : The Quizzers' Meet

By: Team PenTastic
[ Covered By Nimisha Acharya ]

Annnddd... Cetadel is back with a bang!!!

The coolest club of CET, "CETadel" is back with its first event of the season-Alacrity, the one event that spurs so many feelings of nostalgia in those who have been a part of it. It was organized by CETQuizzite, the quizzing wing of Cetadel. It is the entertainment quiz comprising of varied topics ranging from Bollywood to Hollywood and TV series to comics. The word which means cheerful readiness truly signifies the popularity and coolness quotient of the quiz. It was a huge hit with more than 40 teams and around 130 participants from all the four years. For 30 minutes, two rooms were filled with murmurs from discussion among the participants. 

The Quizzers with their thinking caps on ! 

The questions were quite mind boggling. One had to put her thinking caps on while answering the questions. They seemed simple but the answers were unexpected. It was a mixture of the easy and the tough. Some of the questions included:

Mr.Srimant Tripathy Sir
having a look at the questions

1,2,2,5,5,5,7..relate the series with an Indian TV show- Kaun Banega Crorepati

A diary, a crown, a cup, a locket, a snake, a boy. Relate- Horcruxes made in Harry Potter

All total, there were 18 awesome questions, set by Subhashish Tripathy and Zignesh Biswal (4th year I&E).

The results of the Alacrity prelims are out. Kudos to all the teams who made it into the finals.
The finalists in no particular order are-

1) Phoenix- Nimisha Acharya, Shweta Mishra
2) By Chance- Ankit Mishra, Payal Priya Chand
3) The Three Musketeers- Siddhant Mishra, Simran Singh, Ayush Gautam
4) Mu Pherile Tumara- Anshuman Panda, Ashribad Sathpathy, Raman Kumar
5) Carpe Diem- Santa Nibedita
6) Etharaka Ta Deidiya- Sidharth Samal, Neha Jagannath, Animesh Patra
7) Bedha Boys- Bidit Mohanty, Pratyush Kumar Rout

The Reserve Teams are-

1) Quizzite- Baibaswatta D Jena, Sripad Sahu
2) Dev's Devils- Chandan Singh, Debabratta Pramanik

The Teams with the best name ( in no particular order)- [ And they are hilarious! ]

1) Kain Kahibi- Sanket Sourav Bal, Deewang Nayak, N.S Adarsh
2) Etharaka ta Deidia- Sidharth Samal, Neha Jagannath, Animesh Patra
3) Mu Pherile Tumara- Anshuman Panda, Ashribad Sathpathy, Raman Kumar

The finals will be held after the Puja vacations.
We hope Alacrity gets more and more popular with each passing year. Three cheers to the organizing team of Alacrity !!!!

The question setters ![ Subhashis And Zignesh ]

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