Tuesday, 30 September 2014

ZAIRZA : A call for the CEinTists !

By: Team PenTastic
 [Written by Sidhant Sourav
 [ Picture by CET_PHOTOFACTORY                 

                                 A CLUB WHICH LEAVES YOU AWE-STRUCK

“What on earth is a bot???” -- a question I heard being murmured when the Zairza professionals (believe it or not, they actually know much more) entered the classrooms to brief them about the club, the technical club of the college. Adhering to all its principles and goals, the club has gone on step by step to become such an integral part of the college.
There goes the answer to what exactly a Bot is! 

Now with the briefing part done in a very systematic manner, next herculean task was to arrange for the projects to be displayed to the budding technicians in a proper manner, so they have an actual interest to join the club. Of course, college authorities gave a helping hand by offering 4 classrooms. No pun intended!

The day saw a very high turn-out which is a welcome sign. Students were very much interested in the happenings and I actually had to push my way through to reach the place. Projects that were done over the year, for instance, the eye-blink controlled Robot Car, automated security-call, web-controlled robot, home-automation projects left the students amazed and the atmosphere in those small rooms were simply electric as the newbies seemed to start working on the projects straight away ! 

Zairza has never had written examinations for inductions. The club believes more in imparting knowledge and making students technically sound. It’s a club which has functioned systematically over the years and has produced results every now and then. To promote the activities of the club a new quarterly newsletter has been recently launched.
This club owes a lot to the efforts of the alumni and the present members. The newbies are definitely up for the challenge as many were seen filling up the registration forms and there’s no idea about the exact figure since the turnout was really massive. We hope the upcoming year proves to be even better as the club heads to Ascend-2k15.

Wonder ! Think ! Create !
the first edition of the ZAIRZA's Newletter...

After the orientation, when I went up to interact with the juniors, a guy asked me a question—“Bhaiya, arduino use karke project karenge??” and that definitely brought a smile as our motive (since I am a part of it too) was fulfilled. Zairza lived upto its motto WONDER! THINK! CREATE! 

The curious young minds... !!

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