Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Knowing your alumni : Mr. Dharanidhar Dang !

By: shiny choudhury
Modesty speaks for this alumni of ours. He delightfully combined his work and play, locking, popping and hip-hopping his way to success. This dancing enthusiast has a thing with the cricket bat too. We got the very cherished opportunity to interview this electronics and instrumentation alumnus from CET, Mr.Dharanidhar Dang (whom we lovingly call DD) Even after his hectic schedule he  gave us some time to interact with him. Presently he is in Texas A&M University, pursuing his PhD. We could not arrange for a telephonic interview or a Skype session( we regret that!) So here goes sections from our chat with him yesterday night on Facebook. 

SHINY: Hello DD are you ready?

DD: Hello, yes I am ready. Sorry to keep you waiting for so long! 

SHINY: DD its totally fine we understand your schedule.

DD: Cool! Thank you.

SHINY: Haha! Firstly what was your branch in CET?

DD: I&E.

SHINY: Awesome! One of the most talented branches! Most of the good students are from I&E!

DD: Haha! It's not like that, good students are from CET! (Wow! modesty)

SHINY: So what career path did you pursue after your B.tech?

DD: Well as a whole it was always research...presently I am pursuing my PhD.

SHINY: Were you always very sure for going out of India?

DD: I went for GRE, but no! Initially I was very sure I would go for GATE even till 8th semester. I mean I wanted to do M.Tech from IISc or some top IITs.

SHINY: So a major detour was not it?

DD: Yeah...actually what happened was I got selected for MS in ECE from IISc. But then I met some eminent scientists from Stanford, Texas A&M and MIT. Seeing my resume they suggested me to go for research in some top notch universities in the US.

SHINY: Oh that's awesome! We would like to know some of the highlights from your resume.

DD: Certainly! But I don't know if I want others to see it, it may look like DD boasting about himself..ha ha.

SHINY: No not at all! We all really want to know your achievements it will be a great motivation for everyone in CET!

DD: Umm..alright..here goes..but these are basically just my research highlights.
·      Ambassador for Intel's Research Symposium and Challenges in India
·      Gold medal from Intel in B.tech research.
·      Most Innovative student in India award from Schenider Electrics.
·      Best business plan from India from IIM Bangalore and Intel.

SHINY: Awesome! That is a jaw dropping list of achievements I must say!

DD: Ha ha...Thank you I am honored.

SHINY: Moving on. CET as you might have felt is not a very research friendly place. How did you manage to keep your enthusiasm intact for 4 years at a stretch and work for your goals?

DD: Yes I agree to that, but apart from IISc, TIFR and some other colleges there aren't many which are research friendly. It is all about going with your intuition and getting the right guidance at the right time. Personally I feel Tapas sir from I&E is just awesome! He is truly my first GURU!

SHINY: He sure is! So what all clubs were you involved in CET?

DD: Well I was not much into any club but mostly I was always dancing or playing cricket.

SHINY: What about robotics and stuff?

DD: Well there was ZAIRZA during my time but let me tell you something- do take it in the right sense! ZAIRZA is a really good club! But during my time, there wasn't much going on there apart from robotics. But I always had a broader perspective and tried to solve problems via research.

SHINY: Research as in?

DD: Through my research expertise in Embedded systems, hardware design, programming etc.

SHINY: Terrific! So now enough of academia stuff. One final question on this, What do you see yourself doing in the coming years?

DD: I see myself as a research scientist trying to bridge the gap between the common mass and high class technology.

SHINY: That is really nice! We wish and pray for your success. So what are your hobbies?

DD: Dancing and cricket specifically.

SHINY: What kind of dance?

DD: Locking, popping and hip-hop.

SHINY: Your hat in all your pictures do depict that :)

DD: Ha ha..that is one way to impress beautiful girls..just kidding though :P

SHINY: Haha! Carry on! We hope you complete your duet soon! So have you been following college stuff after going to Texas?

DD: Oh yes! I have been in contact with people.

SHINY: That's great! So what changes have you observed and are you glad about them?

DD: Well yes there are around 2-3 changes I have observed and I am glad. Like firstly the clubs are really active and they are not only confined to state level targets. The one in which you are involved is a really good club! It is bridging the gap between alumni and students which is a really good thing.

SHINY: We are honored sir thank you! So now tell us what would you like yourself to be defined as?

DD: Well I know that! I would like people to know me as a dancing freak , a cricket crazy and a research freak too!

SHINY: Ha ha! Cool! So what advice would you like to give your juniors who want to be just as crazy as you are DD?

DD: I would be honored first if someone gets motivated by me. I would say enjoy the struggle and don't get into the common zone of getting a mediocre job after B.tech...set higher goals and use alumni around the world to help you achieve the same.

SHINY: I hope everyone follows this! Thank you DD for giving us your valuable time it was an absolute pleasure interviewing you.

DD: Thank you very much! I loved it too :)

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