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Knowing your alumni- Mr. Shri Nivas

By: shiny choudhury

[Interview as taken by Mr.Raman Kumar]

Awesomeness with the tinge of coolness is what describes this week’s Alumnus! One would definitely fall short of adjectives and words attributing his personality when you go on describing him although he unambiguously dislikes hearing such stuffs said in his appraisal! Meet
Mr. Shri Nivas(Mechanical Engineering) an alumnus of 2005 batch, presently working as Process Specialist at Myntra.com, Pune after graduating from IIM Indore who has perched on the throne of success with pure gut factor! An epitome of hyperactivity and amiableness Shri Bhai(as we call him) is brimmed of learning experiences all through his life. Have a read about this inspiring CET Alumnus as we had a telephonic conversation with him on 19th September evening!

RK: Hello Shri Bhai! So Finally we got time to have a conversation after barging aside way too technical glitches and overlapping schedules. Are we ready?
Shri Bhai: Oh yes dude! I got involved in official stuffs and had a few errands to make. I am elated though that we are having a conversation. And there is nothing called being ready Raman! Let’s have an informal exchange of words!

RK: HAHA I was just trying to do the basics right and no issues Bhai, we understand that you are a busy man! Anyways how is your day so far?
Shri Bhai: Yeah pretty hectic man! I got up at 4 am today as I had to complete some official work plus I just reached Mumbai, got out of the cab, reached a friend’s place and here I am talking to you!

RK: Oh cool! So Shri Bhai what was your branch in CET?
Shri Bhai: I joined the Civil engineering stream and then after the first year I changed into Mechanical with just being an 8 pointer.

RK: We all know being an 8 pointer back then was just like being a Nine pointer now! So Shri Bhai, were you mentally prepared that you were going to be a Mechanical engineer?
Shri Bhai: (giggles) I was into NDA rather and no where near engineering in the initial days! I appeared 4 Service Selection Board interviews and got rejected in all four of them! And then my dad said why don’t you just join engineering!? I asked my friend which college was best and came to know that CET being the government one holds the top place. I am happy that the Defence people rejected me because then CET happened to me and left me with some spectacular memories!

RK: Whoa! That’s a story to cherish! So CET was your fate! Tell us what does Shri bhai do when he is not working at Myntra?
Shri Bhai: Well I am just a normal guy and love hanging out with my friends. I do love to jam at times as guitar and keyboard are the instruments I play. Fun is an important element and I don’t miss out at that!

RK: Oh so you were into music as well? Tell us something about that!
Shri Bhai: Well yeah I tried to get involved in several activities in whatever manner I could and music was one of them. Back in 2003 I and my friend Abhijeet Panda created the college’s first band named “Iris as in rainbow”. Prof. S.K.Mishra sir who was about to be the Director of the college back then was so impressed by our efforts. Is the band still active?

RK: Well sadly no! Although this is surely an inspirational deed which must have instigated the rise of other bands like Shabd and Aroha. Your life at CET seems to be hyper-active. Tell us more!
Shri Bhai: Well I wasn’t a topper if you go academically! It was always tough to beat the diploma guys who joined us in 2nd year with more clarified concepts. Even the topper in those days had a CGPA of 8.5! I was happy with myself clearing the 7.5 mark which used to earn us the tag of distinction. I used to volunteer during the placement drives as well.

RK: Well, there are a lot of positive changes in the campus compared to the time when you were an active part of the alma mater. Can you suggest one new element that still needs to be institutionalized?
Shri Bhai: Well you guys are doing a splendid job and no matter what you do I am sure you are far better than what we were! Just ensure the active participation of students in each and every field. There is a technical term called the “hygiene factor” that includes everything from funds to infrastructure. When students have an active part in everything the college works well!

RK: That’s an educating reply! So Shri Bhai, how did you manage similar events like that of the Tech society and other co-curricular activities back then?
Shri Bhai: Well there was a technical society with a different name (ZAIRZA didn’t exist back then) which I don’t remember exactly. We used to push for the maximum limit. I understand it takes a lot of effort to get things done in a government organization but just keep doing what you are doing. Just add as many features in your CV and polish yourself!

RK: Each time I listen to your reply, you make me speechless! Shri Bhai, you said you used to volunteer during placements. How do you think can we bring in better companies for placement drives?
Shri Bhai: Well Raman don’t get philosophical man! The more cooler we are the better we talk! And you cant really do much except of going down to the companies and inviting them over! Although yes you can look in for internships and grab the attention but I feel the placement has to be majorly driven by the Alumni network! The Alumni makes the college not the other way round! Thus the alumni can help the college grab better placements.

RK: Very well said Shri bhai. The College Alumni association getting into picture is a big plus for us to know our glorious Alumni placed at different firms and organizations. Do you think the establishment of College-Alumni association would benefit the current batches?
Shri Bhai: Well Raman again! I am no GLORIOUS but I can surely help out in recruitments where we can involve the present batches as well. (Modesty and that hatred of listening to praises :D)
 The proper networking and Alumni association can surely develop well in order to reach productive goals. You guys are doing well as after 9 years of passing out, it’s the first time I am being in touch with college.
Thanks to you people!

RK: Oh we are privileged to get in touch with our Alumni, Shri Bhai. Did you attend the Pune Alum meeting last summer?
Shri Bhai: No I couldn’t and I am so sorry for that. I had my interview for Myntra at the same time.

RK: Oh that’s definitely more important though. We are planning for a global alum meet here at the college campus this winter. Are you enthusiastic to join us?
Shri Bhai: Awesome man! Of course I do, no doubt about it! But yes if you are organizing it in the winter just make sure it doesn’t clash with other Alum meets. Because most of the people have Alum meets in November of the colleges they did their post graduation.

RK: Oh sure! We will keep that in mind! Shri Bhai tell us something about your career trajectory. How did the IIM thing call upon you and how did you prepare yourself?
Shri Bhai: Ahhmm things got into proper places for me. I had to join Infosys initially after B.tech and worked for 3 years from 2005-2008. Then I and some of my friends opened our own business and we produced Caller Tunes. These businesses do have ups and downs and eventually we were at loss. Then I realized that I need to learn the semantics of business management and tried for CAT.

RK: So basically nothing was planned and yet you came out well after failures. IIM is always a dream of young business enthusiasts and IIM grads opt for start-ups, don’t they?
Shri Bhai: Oh yes. In India people keep trying for CAT for years and IIM is definitely prestigious. Initially I worked for Cummins India that had work related to manufacturing and last year sifted to Myntra.

RK: So we might see starting up after some years?
Shri Bhai: Well let’s see. I am on the learning curve everytime. I don’t wanna die young. I am just 31 and single but yes I might come up with something cool!

RK: Haha Shri Bhai! Lastly do provide with your engineering life funda and tips for the numerous juniors out there!
Shri Bhai: There is no particular funda Raman. You just need to work hard and most importantly CALM DOWN! You shouldn’t feel disgusted of what you do! Like if you are into B.tech and think that anyway you have to go for MBA or M.tech without which you can’t end up anywhere then you are narrowing down your opportunities.
 You have to stop running and do one thing at a time! Work hard, have fun and yes don’t forget to take time out for your girlfriend!

RK: hahaha! I am pretty sure these words will have a major impact on everyone. It was a pleasure talking to you Bhai. Thank you so much for your time. Hope to meet you some time.
Shri bhai: Oh absolutely. It was fun too. I am always there to help. Thanks for the conversation raman. Take care. Bubye!

RK: take care Bhai. Bubye

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