Saturday, 6 September 2014


By: Team PenTastic
Written and compiled by Anshuman Ray and Pooja Pattnaik

Inspire. And get inspired.
Change. And lead change in others.
Learn. And share your life's lessons.
Build. And build India through Enterprise
Discover India and a new Indian inside you
All outside the comfort of your homes, in a moving train across India.

Entrepreneurship is a 21st century awakening in the true-blue sense.
Youngsters across the country are really owning up to it and have started venturing these shores and dream to setup their business. Jagriti yatra is an initiative to bring these people together.

1 Train. 13 Destinations. 15 Role Models. 18 Days. 450 Youths. 9000 Kilometres. Aren't the prospects dazzling!!. For 15 days without a care or worry in the world, without the distraction of your phone and Facebook, you undertake a voyage so magnificent it might be the journey of self-actualization each one of us long for. Four hundred and fifty strangers brimming with optimism and hope, these people would connect on a level so great, it would be nothing short of a magical cruise. The trip starts at Mumbai cutting through the Indian landscape via entrepreneurial hubs like Bangalore where at each stopping place all the participants are going to have an insight on various business ventures and meet role models who would make them aware of the pros and cons of starting their enterprise. For fifteen days you will be packed with people you have never met. After the trip these might be the very people with whom you may have a start-up. Imagine a train journey that can accomplish so many exceptional things. A liberating educational experience, isn't it??

The route of the journey !

The session of Jagriti Yatra was held at CET in which Mr. Anurag Satpathy, a 2nd Year student of XIMB and also the Awareness Ambassador of the Khurda district, explained about this National level  train journey and its selection process. He elaborated about the advantages and the scopes that one may get after participating in this train journey.

Anurag Sathpathy, student. XIMB
[District awareness ambassador for Jagriti Yatra ]

The registration for the Jagriti Yatra has started and the last date for registering is 30th October 2014. The Train Journey starts from 24th December 2014 to 8th January 2015. The selection of the participants would be based on the quality of answers that they write in the application form. Yatris selected for the Yatra can either be a “participant” or “facilitator”.

Application-Process.png.pagespeed.ce.fFMDVhT4wX (1).png

The biggest challenge faced by the indian economy is unemployment and inflation. The later can be controlled to a great extent by monetary and fiscal policy. But unemployment is the real stumbling block. The answer that echoes inconspicuously is entrepreneurship. If one becomes an entrepreneur he/she can provide employment to a number of people. Here is where initiatives like Jagriti yatra can help people setting up their own enterprise and realize their ambition.  It’s overall vision is to create job creators instead of job-seekers.Jagriti yatra truly ushers a new hope through the renaissance of entrepreneurship.

The novelty of jagriti yatra is really awe-inspiring. Getting to know people from different cultures in a single train is both bizarre and beautiful. Through this journey one gets to pitch their ideas which would be evaluated by experts from Google and if your idea is good enough Google would even invest in it!! How cool is that! And the cherry on-the -top- of-the-already-awesome-cake is a free coke studio session for everyone. Ladies and gentleman pull up your socks. Its gonna be a hell of a ride!!!

For applying login to-  www.jagritiyatra.com/register .

For further details about the Jagriti Yatra go to link- www.jagritiyatra.com