Tuesday, 2 September 2014

For the Book-Lover:Inferno

By: Jessica Mohapatra

Dan Brown the master of beautiful tapestries has yet again kept his readers entangled and engrossed in this mind- boggling thriller known as 'Inferno'.
              The magic of this book is so enchanting that it keeps it's readers awed with all it's twists and turns and yet yearning for more.The  book has Dan Brown's favourite protagonist, Havard symbologist ,Robert Langdon in it.

'Seek and Ye shall find...'
   With these words reverberating in his mind ,  Robert Langdon wakes up in the hospital bed with stitches on his head and bizarre images in his mind but no recollection of what happened in the past few days.His unknown pursuers are  after his life but Langdon cannot recollect why?Can he and the intelligent doctor Sienna Brooks save the world from the clutches of a mad man who is hell bent on destroying this world by unleashing the dark forces of the Black Death (the plague) yet again. Langdon's only hope is Dante's celebrated work Inferno' to bail him and the world out of this crisis.
                         Will he,wont he ? This is the question that keeps bobbing up in your mind.The book is tantalizing,intriguing yet fascinating,it keeps it's readers on tenterhooks .This book is arguably the best Dan Brown book(even better than Da Vinci Code if I daresay) .Dan Brown's books come after a lot of research and hence it is the perfect blend of reality and fiction.

Readers Rating: of course 5/5 (anything less would be a libel,I wish I had more numbers)

Reader's Review:Do go for this book,if you like mysteries and would also like to learn new words(I would advice you to have a dictionary at hand).Plus the book is like a free ticket to Florence,Venice and Istanbul.This book ,I promise is a complete roller coaster ride.

Best Time:Any time,but you need to have the patience to keep up with it's twists and turns.

(PS : This book compels you to think who is wrong and who is right and most importantly what is wrong and what is right.... So Happy Reading!!!!)

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