Friday, 19 September 2014

Dark and lovely

By: Team PenTastic
By Ritika Barik
Would you like to have a slice????
Black forest cake….now this is what first comes to my mind when I hear dark and lovely. Isnt it deliciously lovely? We have all been brought up with this perception of dark things not being lovely ,dark things bringing negativity. But dark things have a certain magnetic allure in them. It draws us towards them. Dark corresponding to bad is not always the case.
Ma's idol from dark clay

Imagine sipping a dark cup of tea after a tiring day’s work which dissolves your tiredness and makes you refreshed,imagine a cup of cappuccino being witness to  a number of first dates and love stories, chocolate snatched from our siblings and friends and the dark look on their face when we eat it, the dark clay which brings out mesmerizing idols of Maa Durga during Durga puja,rain drops on dark woods..how beautiful the canopy looks,the smell of soil after the first rain,the royal mane of a black or brown horse,antique rosewood furniture,the idols of lord jagannath made from the dark and bitter wood of neem tree,the dark vermillion on a lady’s forehead which makes her look even prettier…..
A refreshing cup of tea ....anyone!!!
The moment you look around you see dark everywhere…      I see black.The colour of the ocean at midnight,of sunburnt skin in summer,the colur of the dress she wore on her first date. I see black. The colour of his eyes when they first met hers,of his silhouette when he first walked with her,the colour of the Harley he drove away on,the colour of the leather jacket she’d hoped he would come back for…

   As I look at the stars gleaming in the blanket of the sky at night….it dawns on me that it is because of the darkness that they are gleaming…that their shine reaches us.It is because of darkness only that the moon glows so radiantly.It makes us realize the beauty of things.After the night the day comes.Darkness preceeds light so if you are having  a tough time,don’t worry it means something exceptionally good is waiting to happen.Right now you just have to bask in the glory of dark.It is not when you run away from dark that you will find a way but when you surrender to it that it will show you the way.                                 
The night sky......beautiful....aint it???

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  1. Such a lovely write up! It's poetic, it's passionate; it keeps evoking memories and painting pictures in my mind as it goes. Well done!