Monday, 15 September 2014

CANTEEN : ‘MESS’ hall of CET-B

By: Vinnata

[ With the help of Ritika Barik Compiled by Sradha Suman Mahapatra ]

Bon appétit, a French term associated with good meal. I study in Odisha’s one of the top engineering colleges, i.e. College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar and I take quite a pride in flaunting that. But as we know, all that glitters isn't gold. Similarly CET has its own goods and not-so-goods.

The title says 'MESS' hall. Yes! Today, It's about our college canteen. Let’s start with the facts first. When I initially joined this college, to my dismay the look of the cafeteria didn’t impress me much. But in a place like Ghatikia, the area doesn't offer many options to satisfy your guts with any food joints or affordable restaurants. Hence, the college canteen is all you have got. Take it or Leave it.

Though the canteen doesn't have much variety in the menu it offers, but to a starving stomach and a not-so-full wallet, I think it’s the best you can get. From healthy South-Indian breakfast to the street side delights like momos, rolls, noodles, etc. it serves everything in a maximum time of 10-15 minutes. The canteen area doesn't just limit itself to mess halls, it also has a Xerox shop, a variety store, SAC (Student activity center) and a bank [ which now also has an ATM ]. So it’s a one-stop place for students for all their non-academic works (All sorts, Yes!! Pun intended).

With time, as in 3 years that I have spent here I've seen the canteen grow and develop with me. More number of halls, stores, renewed and increased items on the menu; the canteen we have now, one can say saves the college’s grace. But, you must be wondering, ain't I diverting from the very point I started this piece with ? MESS? Yes. Looks can be deceptive. I agree the canteen has it all. And by all, I mean All!
Err..We better have a look of it, I bet they will be suggestive enough, after all a picture is worth a thousand words.

Hygiene and food go hand in hand. But our canteen area depicts the contradictory. The college management forgets the basic necessity and environmental conditions that the students (the entire human race in fact) should be subjected to. And all of this happens only in CET, a technical institution that at some point of time teaches us a subject called Environmental Engineering Studies. Sigh! 

Despite all the loopholes our canteen will remain the HEART of the entire college; Afteral, it has seen so many friendship made, love stories formed; candid gossip and much more...After having a chat with our very own, Ranjan bhai, we came to know about a story that he remembers. "It was around 3-4 years back", he says looking at an empty corner of his store, thoughfully, "...when a guy had ordered 300 roses of 3 different colours- Red, yellow and white". 100 of each colour! And he asked Ranjan Bhai to hide them in his store. The next day, the guy brought his friend with him to the store and proposed her with these roses. "The girl said 'Yes'!", smiles Ranjan Bhai. So, in short our canteen will remain the treasurer of a box of memories and nostalgia for us, always. Like they say, "tedha hai lekin mera hai"


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