Wednesday, 3 September 2014

From the Desk Of Our Student-Advisor : Prof. P.K.Satpathy

By: Pratikshya Satpathy
College Of Engineering and Technology, one of the elite names that comes to our mind when we talk of technical colleges in Odisha. But then why do we lag behind when it comes to extra curricular activities. To reach to the depth we tried to discuss it rendezvous with our very own Student Advisor Prof. P.K.Satpathy (Mechanical Engineering) and this is what he has to say about the current state of affairs regarding the Extra Curricular Activities in C.E.T.

Department of Mechanical Engineering
(Student's Advisor)

Pratikshya: A very good morning sir. Sir, being the student advisor, according to you how important is extra curricular activities in an engineering college?

P.K. Satpathy Sir: (Breathes deeply, Sits back to his chair and replies) Well extra curricular activities are not only important in engineering colleges but also for every student associated with it. This is because first, only reading text books is definitely monotonous so for a change students can switch to extra curricular activities. Second, they must choose something that would interest them. I would suggest them to go for some athletic or sporting activities because it will help them to develop physically, mentally as well as socially.When you indulge in such outdoor activities you will develop team spirit, social inter relationships and cordiality among each other.Third and the most important reason is that extra curricular activities help you to explore your hidden skills and help you to accept failures in a sportive way.

Pratikshya: Sir, what would you like to comment on the current state of extra curricular activities in our college?
P.K. Satpathy Sir: At present in my view it is not so prominent. The point is that there are many hurdles to cross before we progress in this direction. (He thinks deeply and then speaks) Well I think I did not discuss this because as you see we don't have a good field, a good indoor stadium or a good activity center for the students.But i personally feel that my students are very much interested in this area and we can't provide them with all these facilities. So I would request our authorities to provide us sufficient rooms and space for the development of extra curricular activities among students.

Pratikshya: Sir do you think encouragement from faculties and alumnis affects student participation and performance in extra curricular activities?

P.K. Satpathy Sir: Yes! Yes! You can very well say that. Like if your parents encourage you about something from your childhood you will definitely be motivated and would prosper in that direction. Similarly, here also along with studies, we must encourage students to participate in more and more extra curricular activities.

Pratikshya: Thank you sir, for such motivation. Sir, we have many private colleges in the state. We see that they get funds for such activities  and hence they have more activities and better participation. Do you think in our college, fund is a lacunae or do you think where there is talent, money is not a matter?

P.K. Satpathy Sir: I don't think they are given more facilities and as far as money is concerned we have got plenty of money from what our students have been contributing. Every year around 1250 rupees is collected per head, so lets say we have plenty of funds in our student union society but the problem is the system. In the government system to extend the money we have to follow different steps, different approvals and many stages. For this we should have an entirely different department, but here we have only one faculty in charge to look after academic duties along with these procedures due to which  every time these procedures get delayed. (showing concern)

Pratikshya: Sir, during last year "Xtasy 2K13" we had many cultural and literary events. This year what more would you want to see?

P.K. Satpathy Sir: (Smiles enthusiastically) No..No.. Whatever you had done was commendable and we were very satisfied with it. But the only thing I would discourage you  is from getting Ollywood/ Bollywood stars or some celebrity from outside and rather encourage our own students to perform so that we can enjoy.

Pratikshya: Sir, that was an invaluable suggestion. Now Sir, can we please have a few words of encouragement for the new students who are joining this year.

P.K. Satpathy Sir: Well, I will tell them that along with curricular activities, they must have some extra curricular activities as per their interest, which will help them develop a positive attitude towards life and society and become better human beings.

Pratikshya: Thank you sir. Thank you for sharing your views with us and your piece of encouragement for the newcomers.

[ We, the Pen-tastics, offer our heart felt thankfulness to Prof. P.K.Satpathy, CET's Student-Advisor for sparing some time with us and sharing his encouraging views about the state of curricular and extra-curricular activities at CET. Thank you sir. ]

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