Wednesday, 17 September 2014


By: Tejassvittaa Sahu


Red FM, a popular radio station, is scouting for young talents in different fields such as singing, dancing and acting as part of its talent hunt among college students titled Red FM par college ke tashanbaaz. It visited engineering colleges in Bhubaneswar for auditions and selected two participants from each college for the finals which were held on September 13 at ICBS AUDITORIUM.

93.5 RED FM’s ‘College Ke Tashanbaaz’ reached out to youth across Bhubaneswar and Cuttack inviting them to come forth and show their talent to engage and connect with listeners. It provided collegians with the platform to perform – be it dancing, singing or just pure wit! And our college students definitely proved their mettle. 
93.5 Red FM in this context visited CET, BHUBANESWAR on 10 Sept, 2014, to conduct the preliminary round of the activity and select two candidates for the Final Round. There is surplus talent in the youth of our country, who are looking for opportunities to showcase it. Initiatives like ‘College Ke Tashanbaaz’ in reality provided the right platform for the youngsters in smaller cities to showcase their talent and make it big. The activity has been very well received in our college and we witnessed a a huge turnout in the initial auditions  on 5th and 6th Sept (nearly 50!)
A Tashanbaaz is a student who is an all-rounder, who is dynamic and is able to stand out on various platforms  and CET certainly didn't fall short of it.

The activity started with some soothing and popular bollywood tracks by Subha Priyadarshini, Bhabana Sahoo, Kiran Bharti and many more. Tanmay and Shreyansh performed a mindblowing jugalbandhi of the the tanpura and tabla. A.Pratik put Pandits to shame with his extraordinary recitation of ragas. Sarthak Mohapatra sang a breathless number and wowed the crowd with the power of his lungs :D Next up, the dance performances didn't fail to enrapture us and the crowd swayed and whirled along with them. Dances of various kinds were performed. Rakshya Subhangini and Rajesh Mohanty performed tearjerking numbers which touched our hearts! Sheetal and Ipseeta presented an exhilarating dance duet of semi-classical numbers. Arpita Priyadarshini and Subhashree Sahoo performed classical songs and had the audience oohing and aahing on their grace and style. Raman Kumar enacted a Mono-Act on the emotions of a wrongfully accused convict which was one of the most outstanding performances of the day.  Dhoklebaaz executed a witty and hilarious one act play of a mock court trial which had the audience rolling in laughter! Ajoy Dash put on the cap of a stand-up Comedian and successfully imitated Shakti Kapoor, Nana Patekar and even exchanged some witty banter with RJ Karan. Finally, the last performance of the day was by our college band who crooned soo beautifully that we were spellbound!

The show was compered by RJ KARAN who entertained all the students with his occasional jokes. Our very own Biswajit Sir and Srimant Sir judged the performances. Recognizing the extraordinary talents of CET,B students, the team shortlisted not two, but three finalists from our college for the final round - Ajoy Dash(final year), Sarthak Mohapatra(2nd year), Ipseeta and Sheetal(2nd year). At the end of the competition, RJ Karan felicitated the judges and conferred gifts to all the participants. A lottery was held in which 2 very lucky students of our college won Hero Honda bikes. Free test rides were also provided to students by the sponsors. The overall event was refreshing and novel and all the students actively participated with great enthusiasm. Special thanks to the club-The AMUZA which hosted and co-ordinated the entire event!

This event saw enormous crowds of enthusiastic youth bearing the heat and cheering their friends.

Radio station 93.5 Red FM seems to have given us just the right opportunity to put on our talent caps on and seize their chance to be the “one” with the ‘College Ke Tashanbaaz’. :D

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