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By: Sradha Suman Mahapatra

Information by: Gaurav Kumar Sharma (Electrical, Final year )
Compiled by: Sradha Suman Mahapatra
Picture Credits: CET_Photofactory
CET and CETians have always been fun-loving and creative. They never fail a chance to come up with plans to have fun, even when they are fenced up by so many hurdles, the most important of them being the scarcity of funds. But it's the necessity that is the mother of all inventions, they say. So with time, these CETians have developed unmatchable skills for Jugaad. Need proof?! Take the best example that can be; Let's see how the boys of 2015-batch made the inside of their hostel a playground, marked out a pitch somewhere within, prepared the wickets leaning them against the wall and managed to play a cricket tournament with eight teams consisting of 8 members each, ten overs in each inning and with two large and one small bottles of Thums up! Of course, as you would have guessed already, there was no wicket-keeper [ Did you forget the arrangement of the wickets !? ]. But did anything made this bunch of jugaad-expert guys have any less fun?! Oh. Absolutely not ! They clean-bowled everything that came in their way to have some fun in the last year of their engineering. Come let's know about the HOSTEL PREMIER LEAGUE-2 !

Now, let me brief you about the Hostel Premier League-1, at first. The batch of 2015, being a batch of extremely enthusiastic and power-packed students, first organised this small tournament in their first year of engineering, that is, in around December,2011. [The main organizer was Uttam Das (F.T.)] The matches were held between different branches and the tournament was won by a team of students from both Mechanical and Instrumentation branches. The runner-up team consisted of students from the Electrical and Biotechnology branches. 

Being in their final year, they again came together to organize the Hostel Premier League 2 and make way for some memories for them to carry beyond the walla of CET. As soon as we got a whiff about this, we got hold of Mr.Gaurav Kumar Sharma of Electrical Engineering branch, who as everyone suggested seemed to have a lot of information for us. When asked how the tournament went, he instinctively lights up and exclaims, "Oh ! It was very interesting and the finale was an extremely close match". Then he went on to give us some details about the match. Interestingly, contradictory to what the name suggests, the teams didn't only include the hostelite students in HPL-2. There was active participation of the non-hostelite members too.

There were a total of 8 teams, out of which 4 made it to the semi-finals. They were;
                              Team names                                          Captained by
             Team-1: Samaprka_Bhala_Rakha                    Sambit Sourav Mohapatra (Civil)
                                 [ Creativity, you see ! ]           
             Team-2: Gold Flake                                     Nilesh Sinha ( Mechanical )                        Team-3: Sudden Attack                                Sourav Suman Parija (Textile)
             Team-4: Crazy-n-Lazy                                  Swadhin Baral (Electrical)
                                                                    [He succeeded Shakti Sahani, who had succeeded Upendra Pradhan. Found some justification to their name, eh ?! ]                                                                                    

The battle began with team-1 fighting team-2, and ended with team-2 as the winner. The next match was between the third and the fourth teams, which was won by team-3. In the next match, team-3 defeated team-1 and secured a place in the finale.

Then came the finale on 28th August,2014. Along with both the teams, there were spectators consisting of almost all the final year students, who shouted, screamed and cheered the players. "The main umpire of the match was S.Naresh (B.T) and the leg-umpire was Sandeep Bal (Textile) and they did an awesome job", says Gaurav. "Who organised the tournament ?", I ask. "Nilesh! Nilesh Sinha from the Mehanical branch was the main organizer and also Satyabrat Biswal from I.T. Everything went very smoothly", Gaurav answers. 

The match-wining team was team SUDDEN_ATTACK, which ended the match with a blast getting the team Gold_Flake all-out, which was to chase a score of 37 runs in 10 overs. Team Sudden_Attack comprised of the following players;
                     Sourav Suman Parija (Captain)                 Sanjit (Textile)
                     Chinmay (Textile)                                   Biswaranjan (Textile )
                     Padmanavan (B.T.)                                  Pranab (Textile)
                     Raj Behera (Textile)                                Balram (B.T.)

[Winning team]
Picture Credits: CET_Photofactory


Picture Credits: CET_Photofactory

"When the match ended, everyone started beating the captain of the winning team and then everyone kicked and slapped everyone else present there. [Laughing] I don't know why!", says Gaurav, forcing himself to stop laughing and then continued, "At the end, Neelamadhav Majhi of Mechanical branch did what Ravi Shashtri does", scratching his head.

"He was the host ?", I help.

 "Yes yes, Ha-Ha ! He was the host. Ha-ha!And the panel that was distributing prizes included Pilan Patnaik (Mech), Swadhin Baral (Electrical), Niraj Mohapatra (Mech), Nitin Agarwal (Mech), Om Mishra ( C.S.E), Harish Agarwal (C.S.E) and Gaurav Kumar Sharma", he says [Raising his collar at the last name]. 
[I smiled and ignored.]

Gaurav went on to give us more details;
                          Award                                  Awardee
          Man of the match (final)                      Raj Behera (Textile)
          Best all-rounder                                  Sourav Suman Parija (Textile)
          Best Bowler                                       Nilesh Sinha (Mechanical)     
          Best Batsman                                     Ankit (Civil )
          Best fielder                                        Satyabrat Biswal (I.T.)
          Man of the tournament                        Uddatta Garnaik (I.T.) 

The winning team won a small bottle of Thums up", says Gaurav proudly , "and both the finalist teams were given chocolates and trophies. It was really fun". [He had a thumb up.]

Picture Credits: CET_Photofactory

[ Team_Pen-tastic thanks Gaurav Kumar Sharma for helping us with the information and for being so cooperative. We also thank CET_Photofactory for always having the pictures ready. Thank you ! ]

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