Friday, 15 August 2014

CET-Rising : The Induction Phase-2

By: Pratikshya Satpathy
Amongst all the hush hush that was prevailing over a week or two came to an end this afternoon (13.08.2014) when we all met together to carry out the much awaited second round of the induction process for our own official blog "CET-Rising" powered by CETADEL.

The Induction Process At A Glance

It was about 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon when my classes got over and I headed to the canteen to grab my lunch. Midway it struck to me and i immediately took my cell phone from my pocket to ring Sradha. Collecting her response i rushed to C-203 where we already had a pretty number of enthusiastic students waiting for the induction to start. Moreover, already Sradha and Jessica were present in the room interacting with the contenders, briefing them a bit about CET-Rising.
Well going by indian standards as the 1:30 p.m. thing tolled upto 1:50 pm and still we had students pouring in we decided to start the formal induction sharp at 2pm. And just in time entered Tejass Vitta who introduced herself as well as the core members of CET-Rising i.e. Sradha Suman Mahapatra, Pratikshya Satpathy and Jessica Mohapatra. The introduction was followed by a brief about CET-Rising, what all the blog covers and how it has proliferated through almost every happening issue in CET.
Then we introduced the participants to the next round of the induction process.The rules were announced and instructions were made clear to everyone. Here basically every student had to write an entry on an issue of his/her interest i.e. politics, sports, fashion or anything of their interest withing 150 words. They were allowed a stipulated time of 15 minutes to complete the task. Inorder to maintain a fair game we also had introduced a token system to keep the individual's identity a secret. After exact 15 minutes the papers were collected.
Jessica and Tejass helping out the participants
Then the next round was explained by Sradha. Here we had to check the compatibilty of the individuals and how well they perform as a team. Keeping that in view I and Jessica divided the students into groups of 3. Of all the 9 groups formed each of them was asked to choose a topic related to any specific area of CET, i.e. college canteen, academic block, laboratories, library, placements etc. and work as a team and pour in their ideas onto their pieces of paper. For this activity we gave them a time limit of 25 minutes and all the groups were set to action.
After 25 minutes all papers were collected and and the students were asked to retain their tokens, as losing of tokens would subject their entries from getting disqualified and they might not qualify into further selection procedures. 
After a hectic session of 1hour an 35minutes the second round of the induction process came to an end. As gradually students dispersed towards the VOIX session that was held almost after the induction, still I can ensure that we had fun during this round of induction.
Folks the results of this round will be out soon and the selected ones will be notified for the further procedures. So stay hooked to the CET-Rising page @ Facebook for more details.

                                                  Pratikshya & Sradha in action! 

                                               Students busy writing their entries

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  1. Great to see you all working so hard. Kudos my team.